[Updated: Oct. 28] Fix for issue with Google Calendar reminder notifications not working on Android or Web rolling out

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Google Calendar is a simple and intuitive calendar app straight from Google designed to provide the user with several nifty features. Well, a calendar is a must-have app for creating events or simply looking for upcoming festivals.

The best part of Google Calendar, like any Google app, is the eco-system it creates between your devices. For instance, add a calendar event to your phone app and you’ll be notified about the same on your desktop.

The same goes for apps like Keep, where you add a note and can access the same on your other devices logged in with your Gmail ID. Pretty neat.


Google Calendar reminder notifications not working

But sometimes Google apps fail to perform as intended which may hinder crucial day-to-day activities. This is in direct context to Google Calendar where some users say reminder notifications are not working.

After several people missed reminder notifications on their Android phones and Web, complaints regarding the same started to draw in on Google’s support forum.


I’m having the exact same issue with my Samsung S8 as well, starting at the same time as the others. Nothing seems to work so far.

Still not working on my Note 8. Reminders are literally 99% of the reason I use Google Calendar and this loss of functionality is extremely disruptive. I hope there is a fix soon as this is impacting my business.

A user reported despite trying things like cross-checking whether the notifications are turned ON, uninstalling Google Calendar, and even stopping the syncing, there was no fruitful result.

The frustration is understandable since missing out on important reminders can delay things for you as well as for others in case of a priority reminder set days ago.

But not to worry in case you’ve been a victim of the same as Google has announced that a fix for the issue is rolling out over the next couple of weeks, so be sure to look out for an update on the Google Play Store.

Fix for Google calendar not receiving reminder notifications

It’s not unusual to see problems arising on one of the most popular calendar apps on Android phones. The good thing is that Google is often at hand to address any major concerns.

Of course, do feel free to chime in the conversation with your experience via the comments section below.

Update 1 (August 09)

IST 09:19 am: A section of Google Calendar users are reportedly facing an issue where the app doesn’t act as expected. According to affected persons, clicking on a reminder takes them to a wrong reminder or says the reminder is not found.

This is my go to app- and I have noticed over the last week it is not working properly. For example, when you drop down your notification drawer and tap a reminder I want to edit or assign a different time, it says that it is not found/or it takes me to a reminder that I had worked on previously. Any help would be seriously appreciated!

According to a Product Expert, this bug has been escalated and we are waiting for news from the relevant parties.

Update 2 (August 14)

IST 04:20 pm: A Diamond Product Expert on the Google community has confirmed that Google is actively working on the issue with the Calendar application. Unfortunately, like most of these cases, there’s no ETA for a fix.

This is an ongoing problem which is being worked on – please also use “send feedback” in the app to help prioritize it, and hopefully I’ll have some news soon. (Source)

Update 3 (August 27)

IST 11:05 am: According to a Diamond Product Expert in the community forum, the issue has been fixed. However, it is still unclear when the fix will be rolled out to affected persons.

I’m told that they’ve fixed the problem and an update should be rolling out soon…

we are rarely told what the problem is. As for the update, it depends whether you have enabled automatic updates on your device or not. I don’t know when it’ll be released, and when it is they might roll it out gradually.

Update 4 (October 09)

IST 1:30 pm: A Diamond Product Expert on Google Community has acknowledged a bug from the past where Google Calendar is misbehaving.

He updated the users that this issue is still under investigation and it can take some time to fully resolve the error.


Update 5 (October 28)

IST 5:25 pm: A workaround has emerged to resolve the problem on Android phones while waiting for the official fix:

If a notification of a reminder is chosen always the oldest one is shown. Issue does not exist in the version 2021.21.3-377511112 from June 7th.

So basically you have to install Google Calendar APK v2021.21.3-377511112 to fix the problem.

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