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Far Cry 6 is an FPS video game that’s developed by Ubisoft and was published on October 06. It is the latest iteration of Ubisoft’s most popular Far Cry franchises that was initially introduced in 2004.

This FPS video game is available to play on different gaming platforms such as Windows, PlayStation, Xbox, and Amazon Luna. Even though it’s only been a few days, the game has amassed many players.

However, several of them are also having trouble playing Far Cry 6. There are a variety of issues that have been popping out since the game was released.


We have already covered issues where arcade multiplayer isn’t not working properly, players having trouble in enemy respawn mechanics, and black screen issues on Xbox.

But unfortunately, that’s not it, there seem to be a few more glitches that have surfaced over the past few days.

Several reports (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) are coming where gamers are having graphics-related issues such as cutscene black bar overlay and frame drops, while some are also bothered by briefing dialog audio issues.

During cutscenes, the screen is showing black bars on the sides, while in some cases, it makes everything stretched out. These graphics issues only appear during cutscenes and everything goes back to normal when gameplay starts.


Not like simple face to face moments but the cutscenes that happen from time to time for example that feature Diego and Anton always drop frame rate and look pretty terrible. I’m on Series X. In-game gameplay looks pretty good though. (Source)

The cutscenes are capped at 30fps, I’m on PC. The 30fps cutscenes also have bad frame pacing causing them too look worse than they should (Source)

Secondly, the frame rate drops are affecting many gamers where cutscenes are running at a lower frame rate. Even with hardware like PS4 Pro and a stable Wi-Fi connection, frame rate drops are bothering in cutscenes.

Guessing I’m not alone in experiencing this. All the others run smooth (ps4 pro), but giancarlos are janky, poorly dubbed w a lotta lag, and frame drops. My wifi is fire so I can’t even guess as to how this happened but it’s pissing me off (Source)

I’m playing on a series X, and it it just me or are the cutscenes running at lower frames? They seem weird and I can’t quite place on why. (Source)

Besides these graphics issues, some users have also encountered missing audio bugsas per. As per reports(1, 2, 3), players are complaining about an audio glitch where another player in lobby can’t hear game NCP’s during briefing cutscenes.

A player also reported that every cutscene misses the audio of the last sentence. They can clearly hear all the SFX and background music, but no speech during some cutscenes, and the subtitles are also missing.


Just noticed that the partner of a co op lobby can’t hear the in game NPC’s during a “briefing” cutscene??? Very strange. (Source)

On the brighter side, these bugs are not affecting gameplay and are limited to cutscenes. Also, they occur occasionally, but still, they interrupt the storyline of the game which is frustrating.

However, Ubisoft has not yet acknowledged these bugs and also currently there isn’t any workaround that could temporarily fix them.

All in all, you’ll have to wait for devs to sort them out and we hope that these annoying issues gets sorted out as soon as possible.

That said, we will keep you informed on the further development of the story as and when anything new comes to our notice.

Update 1 (October 12)

02:28 pm (IST): An individual shared a video on YouTube that shows off a few different workarounds that may help fix the problem. Check it out below:

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