Guild Wars 2 DirectX 11 beta graphics issues come to light: Crashing in WvW, flickering UI, unreadable text & poor map textures

Guild Wars 2 is one of the popular multiplayer role-playing games. Developed and published by ArenaNet, this video game is available to play on multiple platforms.

Previously, some Guild Wars 2 users have complained over Mad King’s Clock Tower animation loading and collision issues that were acknowledged by ArenaNet staff.

It seems that the issues for gamers are not over yet. Now, Guild Wars 2 gamers playing with DirectX 11 Beta enabled are reporting new issues.


As per the latest reports, multiple graphics issues with the game have come to light such as crashing in WvW, flickering UI, unreadable text, and poor map texture.


I tried to give DX11 one more chance after the last patch but I still have issues with crashes (crowd events) I will keep sending reports for a few more days and I’ll go back to DX9 (Source)

My game crashed twice today under DX11: Once upon doing a bounty, once upon attacking the Choya Piñata. Both mass events, so… Going back to DX9 again for the time being. 😐 (Source)

As you’d expect, these issues are bothering gamers. On the brighter side, ArenaNet staff had acknowledged the crashing bug a while back and even provided some temporary workarounds.

It was pointed out that this issue affects those who have DirectX 11 beta enabled with more than 30 character slots and are in windowed full screen.

As a temporary measure, it can be resolved by adding DirectX 9 as a command-line argument. Furthermore, the team added that this issue can also be fixed by disabling any UI overlays from third parties such as Discord.


ArenaNet staff also assured gamers that the crashing issue was under investigation and that a fix would be made available as soon as possible.

And indeed, the issue was fixed in the latest Halloween patch released on October 5.

The new patch included a bunch of fixes specifically for the DirectX 11 Beta. However, gamers are still complaining about the same issue even after downloading the latest Halloween patch.

For some users, the latest patch fixed previous issues while for others the problems are still there and they have to switch back to DirectX 9 in order to play the game.

Meanwhile, ArenaNet staff has not yet acknowledged the recent reports over Guild Wars 2 DirectX 11 beta crashing bug.

We hope that these annoying software glitches get sorted out soon and players can again get back to playing the game as usual.

That said, we will keep you informed on the further development of Guild Wars 2 DirectX 11 beta crashing issue as and when we receive anything new on this matter.

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