[Update: Sep. 28] Splitgate daily challenge 'Get 10 kills on Helix, Silo, or Highwind' bugged for many; here's how to complete it

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Original story (published on September 27, 2021) follows:

Ever since the game was released on consoles in August this year, Splitgate has become one of the most popular online multiplayer games of the year.

The first-person shooting game combines the shooting from Bungie’s Halo with the concept of Portal from Valve’s own Portal series.

As a result, many are spending hours playing the game. But with a huge player base comes great responsibilities.


1047 Games, the studio responsible for Splitgate, quickly fixed several bugs and issues that were ruining the gameplay experience.

While Splitgate developers seem to do a great job at squashing them, players keep reporting new issues, with the game recentlycrashing on Linux during startup for many.

Having said that, it seems a new bug is preventing players from completing daily challenges. According to reports, Splitgate players say that the “Get 10 kills on Helix, Silo, or Highwind” daily challenge cannot be completed.


@Splitgate BUG: One of my daily challenges is bugged, so I can’t get the reward “Get 10 kills on Helix, Silo, or Highwind” would not complete itself Unsure about rest of community, but this is the first time for me when a challenge wouldn’t complete & give me a reward.#Splitgate

@splitgate once again a daily challenge, “get 10 kills on helix, silo or highwind not tracking”. These “get ‘X’ kills on ‘X’ maps” challenges never work. Please fix them out so doing them? All my missed daily challenges are because of this challenge

It doesn’t matter what you do, the challenge will not progress since the kills are not counted. Because of this, many are unable to claim the free drop.

While this is not game-breaking in any sense, it is really frustrating since players are unable to get the rewards these challenges have to offer.

It looks like Splitgate developers forgot to change the challenge description which is making people go bonkers. If you want to complete the challenge, you will have to win a game on the Simulation Map.


Unfortunately, 1047 Games does not seem to be aware of the issue. We hope Splitgate developers acknowledge the daily challenge bug and fix the same as soon as possible.

We will update this space once Splitgate releases a fix so make sure you keep checking for further updates.

Update 1 (September 28)

12:25 pm (IST): It is now coming to light that there’s a visual bug with daily challenges. This, as they’re being counted in the backend but they don’t seem to show up in the progress tracker.

splitgate issue

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