[Poll results out] Should Google Pay for Wear OS add support for passes in a future update?

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Original story (published on August 28, 2021) follows:

Google Pay is one of the most popular payment apps in the world. It was released in 2015 as Android Pay and later renamed in 2018.

Apart from making payments using cards, the app supports a plethora of services such as storing coupons, campus ID cards, car keys, event tickets, and much more.

Users can also use the app to make payments using a WearOS device. Google recently said that the app will be revamped in the coming WearOS 3.0 update.


Having said that, people who make use of Google Pay to make payments on a daily basis often complain about the WearOS version of the app lacking a lot of features compared to its Android and iOS counterpart.

On WearOS, the Google Pay app makes use of the in-built NFC chip and currently supports few devices. People who are using WearOS for years often complain about Google’s interest in improving the ecosystem.

And that’s not untrue at all. In the last couple of years, Google has ignored WearOS and the pleas of users who just want a better smartwatch OS.


This has in turn crippled the functionalities of the app on the platform. The only thing you can do using Google Pay for WearOS is make use of payment cards.

If we take a look at the competition, Apple Wallet on the Apple Watch is able to do everything its iOS counterpart can. For example, people can book a concert ticket using their phone and show it at the concert on the Apple Watch, which is really convenient.

Users are now asking Google developers to bring support for passes on the WearOS version of Google Pay.


If Google is really serious about WearOS 3.0, then this is the chance for them to show how committed they are.

Taking into consideration the number of people using Google Pay, if the developers bring support for passes, we might see people prefer WearOS powered devices.

Do you want to see support for passes on the Google Pay app for WearOS? Share with us your thoughts by voting in the poll or in the comment section below!

Update 1 (September 4)

The poll results are now out. An overwhelming 88.9% of people who participated in the poll think that the Google Pay app on WearOS should support passes now.

Only 11.9% of people think they do not need the feature with the “Don’t care” option getting zero percent votes.

In case you missed the poll, make sure to join the conversation in the comment section down below.

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