[Updated] Facing Splitgate visual bug (all stats gone), unable to get into game & matchmaking or invites not working? Here's what you need to know

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Original story (published on July 26, 2021) follows:

The popular multiplayer portal-style shooting game Splitgate has gained massive popularity in the last few days.

It seems like the number of users who want to play the game has increased so much so that Amazon thought that the game servers were getting DDoS’d and shut them down.

Because of the influx of players wanting to try their hands on the game, a number of issues have popped up.


The first one is the visual bug that causes the stats and progress to disappear. While this may not sound problematic, the entire match menu doesn’t show up for some players.

Splitgate says that the visual bug occurs only when the servers are overloaded. Hopefully, things will get back to normal once the servers’ capacity is increased.


I have logged in 4-5 times which takes me like ten minutes each and every time I get the visual bug. I get that the team is small but I’m just getting a little tired of the bug. Does anyone have any fixes for this other than restarting the game?

I’ll play for a little bit, leave, and then join back and all my progress is gone. Does anyone know why This is happening?

Here is what Splitgate had to say on the issue:

It’s a beta! And actually the 2 issues are related. The visual bug occurs when servers are strained. Thanks for being patient.


In the meantime, we have come across some workarounds that might help you fix the visual bug.

The first one involves restarting the game. Once you are done, check again, and you might notice that all your progress has been restored.

If that’s not the case, you can try replaying the tutorial since that has helped some users.


The second issue pertains to the invite system not working. According to user reports, they are unable to start a match or invite any of their friends.

Whenever players try to join a game, they are greeted with the error ‘Unable to join matchmaking’.

We think these issues are related to the Splitgate server being overloaded to the point where things go haywire.


Most of the time when I start the game and actually get in and try to play it just doesn’t work. I press square and just nothing. I can’t even pick anything just nothing. Is there a fix? If there is please tell me I have only played a few matches and I’m in love with the game. So please if there is a fix I NEED to know.

I’ve been sitting here for 1 hour waiting to get in a match help jve restarted the game and all how do I fix?

Splitgate developers recently posted on Twitter that they are temporarily shutting down the servers until Tuesday.

We hope the company scales up their server capabilities and restore the game only when they are able to handle the majority of the traffic without issues.


Have you experienced any issues with the Splitgate server when trying to connect? Let us know in the comments below!

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Update 1 (July 27)

Splitgate has announced that they are pushing the beta duration and bringing some new content.

Moreover, they also said that they have managed to raise $10 million so they can increase their development team and server capacity.

Splitgate servers are scheduled to come online sometime tomorrow afternoon, so make sure you keep an eye on their Twitter account.


CLARIFICATION: the servers are NOT going online at midnight. There will be an update tomorrow and servers will be online sometime tomorrow afternoon. Just waiting for final approval on all 3 platforms

In addition, the game is also adding the option to customize controller binds.

If Splitgate continues to incorporate user requests and caters to their player base, the game will soon be one of the most popular multiplayer shooting in the near future.

Update 2 (July 28)

Splitgate has now confirmed they’re working on resolving the matchmaking bug. Following are the latest statements on the matter coming from them.

Despite long queues and a matchmaking bug, today was a HUGE win for us:

– new all time peak concurrent!
– fixed “lost items” bug
– Redis database 30x boost
– server and game crashes way down

Huge progress and proud of our team! Still more to do but we got this

Customs only for the night as we work on fixing a matchmaking bug.

Update 3 (July 29)

We have some more news for you. 1047 Games, the developers of Splitgate have decided that they will be shutting down the game servers till Friday (Pacific Time). Also, new bugs have come to light about which you can read here.

Update 4 (July 31)

Splitgate players have taken to Reddit to share their experience with the long waiting time while in queues. According to some, they’ve been stuck in the queue for anywhere between 30 minutes or even 2 hours.

Waited for like 2 hours in the queue, just for the game to freeze up halfway through my first match. Wtf (Source)

Any ideas how long the queue will be? Also is it just a quick test or will it be up for a while (Source)

How long is the smoke test going to last. I swear ive been getting the same message in queue for 2 and a half hours. (Source)

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