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COD Modern Warfare hasn’t really been shy from issues, particularly when we take its battle royale mode (COD Warzone) into consideration.

We have covered several issues in the past including the reticle menu not working, cruise missile and predator missile slow speed and no boost, and more.

And now, there has been a slew of complaints about another issue that prevents players from editing the class or loadout.

Welp, it looks like the new update broke yet another thing about the game. Whenever you try to edit your weapon class while you’re in a match it kicks you back to the match.
byu/joshua-esaw inmodernwarfare

Can’t edit loadout. Anybody know a way to fix this? When I’m in a match, I can’t edit my loadout anymore idk what happened. Idk if maybe my game is just all bugged because of the PS servers being down earlier but I’m not sure

To me, the inability to edit loadouts mid-game may be the final nail in the COD coffin. Usually, bugs appear after an update. In this case, the game was functioning fine yesterday and today, but then I’m unable to edit loadouts after one round.

As clear from the above complaints and video, trying to edit the class or loadout results in the menu closing automatically within a few seconds, thus booting a player back into the game.

While several players have blamed a recent update, complaints about the problem have only begun flowing in over the past couple of days.

However, no major update has been pushed following the Season 4 update, so the actual cause of the problem is unknown.

Unfortunately, there does not seem to be any official acknowledgment made by Activision, Treyarch, or Infinity Ward yet so it’s unclear when the bug will be quashed for good.

But considering that the similar, related optics/guns reticles issue has still not been resolved after around a week, things could take a while.

In the meantime, you can try the following clever workaround for the broken edit class on COD Modern Warfare:

You have to edit the reticle you want in warzone and save it there as a blueprint as a workaround whilst it’s bugged. You can then apply that BP in MP.

COD Modern Warfare (Warzone) stats count broken

Several players are also reporting broken stats on Call of Duty Warzone due to which wins aren’t getting counted for almost a week.


I use to play a lot of MW, got Damascus unlocked, and I’ve logged in today to find myself back at level 1, edit: not only my rank, all of my guns are level 1 and I have no unlocks anymore. Everything is gone, even the operators are gone. Has this happened to anyone else, how do I get all my stuff back?

While the level does display correctly, the stats in both wins and level show incorrectly. Again, there hasn’t been any official acknowledgment so facers of the bug may have to wait a while before it all finally gets addressed.

That said, we will continue tracking both issues and will be updating our COD bugs and issues tracker accordingly, so stay tuned.

Update 1 (July 24)

One of the users took to Twitter to explain what exactly is happening with the edit class mid-game.

According to them, the change is intentional and has been pushed to fix a bug that could be abused by using the feature in question (like to obtain the unpurchased blueprints and apply camos to any of the guns). More details here.

Update 2 (July 26)

While earlier we mentioned there ain’t any official word on the matter yet, a moderator at the Modern Warfare subreddit has now confirmed the issue and given an explanation as well. Here’s what they said:

Everyone already knows that reticles are currently bugged. Please stop posting about it.

They’ve temporarily disabled the ability to edit your classes mid-game as it was being exploited in WZ to put CW camos on MW weapons as well as to access blueprint weapons without paying for them.

Update 3 (July 28)

There’s a new update rolling out for COD Modern Warfare, however, it remains unclear whether it fixes the bug that led up to the developers having to remove the option to edit class mid-game.

The info was highlighted by an individual on Twitter:


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