Google News issues with not getting daily briefing notification & 'Unable to retrieve notification content' error escalated

Google News is the source for thousands of users’ daily briefings of the happening around the world.

There are tons of news apps on the Play Store and App Store but what makes Google News set apart is its ability to learn the user’s reading interest over time and recommend more similar stories in the future.

These recommendations can land through push notifications or in the ‘For you’ in the Google News apps itself.

Fun Fact: You can also ask Google Assistant to daily brief on the news headlines every day during a specific time.

google-news notifications issue
Google News

There’s also this daily briefing notifications feature in Google News which delivers news headlines straight into your notifications. A pretty handy feature which curates major news at once place.

Speaking of daily news briefing notifications, lately Google News hasn’t been performing well in delivering those to the users who have enabled it under Google News app settings. This means, despite turning on all the toggles, daily briefing notifications are not showing up.

Briefing notifications not showing up from Google News

I’m not receiving any notifications from google news, in the settings’ all of the toggles are on and set to high, I saw a few other posts about this problem but in none of them there was a solution.

I used to a get a daily notification every morning on my phone containing the top stories of the day and for some reason it stopped. I have tried to find a setting to turn it on again but haven’t found anything. I am using the android app for a Pixel 4A 5G.

Many people find daily briefings of their news pretty helpful as everything is curated for them in one single place, but this issue has many people head-scratching since notifications are not showing up.

With several users reporting not receiving “daily briefing notifications” on Google News forums, product experts have addressed the issue and conveyed that it has been escalated to the officials.

Daily briefings notifications issue on Google News escalated

‘Unable to retrieve notification content’ error

While the lot above has not been receiving daily briefing Google News notifications, there are other other cases where even if the notification arrives, tapping on it throws an ‘Unable to retrieve notification content’ error.

Unable to retrieve notifications on Google News

Getting the message “Unable to retrieve notification content” Every time I click on my notification.

I keep getting “there was an error displaying this content” when I open a specific article.

This is also frustrating as despite getting a notification, when you go ahead and click on it to read the article, you’re welcomed by the error and the story in which you were interested is nowhere to be found.

For users facing ‘Unable to retrieve notification content’ error when opening an article from notifications, the issue has also been escalated and Google is looking into the matter.

Google News notifications issue escalated

Still, the product expert is urging affected users to report through the Google News app itself which can be found by tapping on the profile picture at the top right corner of the app and selecting ‘Help and feedback’.

Make sure to check back here on PiunikaWeb as we’ll be keeping tabs on the progress of Google News notification issues.

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