Google News articles opening as blank pages issue has finally been fixed, says product expert

Google News is one of the many platforms offered by Google that lets users enjoy personalized news broadcasting on their handhelds.

The tech giant has only improved Google News over the years, making it more convenient for the public.

Google News

Despite the fact that Google keeps its tools mostly bug-free, the news aggregator has been troubling users for quite some time now.

In a recent development, multiple users can be seen complaining about an issue where Google News has gone haywire, prompting them to blank pages.

When clicked upon a news article, instead of opening the article right away, Google News directs users to the Safari browser with blank pages. Of course, this is where Apple users are involved.


The users are then supposed to clear the Safari browser and head back to the article they chose to read. This happens repeatedly for most of the articles in the feed.

To corroborate this, a user goes on to describe the events he has been facing.

When you click some (not all but quite a lot of them), news articles in Google News the article will start to load and then quickly switch over to a blank Google page in Safari. You have to then close the safari tab and go back to the google news app to see the article you were trying to read. Super frustrating. I had the issue on my iPhone 7 and iPhones 12. Issue is present from iOS 12 all the way to iOS 14.


Below is a YouTube video shared by one of those affected by this issue.

Clearing cache/data, reinstalling, and all sorts of workarounds were tried but that didn’t help at all.

After digging deeper into the community, it appears that the issue isn’t entirely new and dates way back to 2019. Also, this isn’t just bounded to Apple users and has affected other OEM users as well.

This has gone unattended for a long time but there’s finally some piece of positive news pouring in. The product expert, while addressing one of the queries, informs users that the bug has finally been resolved.

Google reported that it took a while however the issue is now fixed;


This being a Google News app issue, should be addressed with an update to the app but we are yet to find out when exactly this will come into effect.

Google ought to have addressed this long ago, knowing that the issue has been in existence for this long. But anyway, the issue stands resolved and the affected lot can finally enjoy a smooth experience.

We shall continue to monitor any further developments from here so stay tuned.

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