Multiple users are reporting that they are facing frequent cellular network drops following the iOS 14.5 beta update. The network icon says “No Service” which causes calls to not connect and mobile data to not work.

The issue does get fixed automatically in a few minutes but may even stick around for a while. And when this happens, the only way to get the network back is by rebooting the iPhone, which can be pretty frustrating sometimes.


When I’m using the data from my physical SIM and receive a call on my eSIM number, the physical SIM either stops the internet connection, or sometimes it drops all the bars and gives me “no service”

Since installing iOS 14.5 beta 2, I’m experiencing random disconnections, though it’s is showing as a full-signal connection. If I toggle WiFi on/off, it’ll work again, but if I move between the house it’ll stop working again. Additionally, if I stay stationary, (such as at my office desk, kitchen counter, etc) it’ll drop out of nowhere as well if I wait long enough.

As clear from above, almost everyone agrees that the issues only began following the iOS 14.5 update (beta 1 or beta 2) which may indicate that Apple has messed something under-the-hood.

A user had also stated that they even reverted to iOS 14.4 stable to see if the issue persisted, but found that it is limited to iOS 14.5 beta alone.

However, it is worth mentioning here that the number of affected users is pretty small when compared to the total userbase on iOS 14.5. Had the issue been more widespread, the number of reports would’ve gone through the roof.

Nonetheless, a user has put forward a theory for the matter:


But if this truly was the case, similar reports should’ve existed prior to the release of iOS 14.5 beta. Thus, this signals that iOS is the most likely culprit here.

There isn’t much that can be done about the matter for now apart from a few generic fixes. Regardless, they’re still definitely worth a shot.

Workarounds for network drops on iOS 14.5

1. Toggle airplane mode: A couple of users observed that following a network drop, toggling the airplane mode helps speed up the reconnection process.

2. Reset network settings: If the above doesn’t help, then you may also try resetting your network settings. This little workaround is known to solve most connectivity issues on the iPhone and you’re free to give it a go. To do so, simply head over to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

3. Turn off 5G: If all else fails, then your last resort could be keeping 5G off for the time being as the following user did to success:

I turned off 5G for my phone and it stopped doing it.

You can do this through Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Voice & Data > LTE. Of course, this workaround is only valid on the latest iPhone 12 series though.


Speaking of that, we did previously highlight a similar network connectivity issue on the iPhone 12 lineup. You can go through it via this link.

That said, the only thing left to do now is to wait for Apple to release the next iteration of the iOS 14.5 beta. Hopefully, a fix will be rolled out along with it.

Or you could also revert to iOS 14.4 stable. To do so, check out this official support article.

Note: We have highlighted many other similar issues along with their workarounds that you may access through our dedicated iOS 14 bug tracker and iPhone 12 series issue tracker.

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