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A new update is available for owners of Xiaomi Mi CC9e handsets. Arriving as MIUI, the update is rolling out to Chinese variants of the Mi CC9e.

The Mi CC9e has been trialing MIUI 12 for months. The device was among the first to bag the beta update and while the initial rollout was based on Android Pie, Xiaomi later upgraded the beta firmware to Android 10.

Xiaomi Mi A3 is a rebranded Mi CC9e

The stable Android 10 and MIUI 12 updates have since been elusive, but this now comes to an end. So, on top of MIUI 12, Mi CC9e owners also get a new Android OS update to spice things up.

But of course, seasoned Xiaomi fans will know it is with the MIUI 12 update where all the goodies are and not the Android OS update. Still, it is great to see the update finally rolling out.

Although the full changelog remains elusive, below is a generic changelog of what you can expect after the MIUI 12 update:

– MIUI 12. Yours alone.
[System animations]
– New: All-new physically based animation engine with advanced architecture will refresh your device’s look.
– New: Dynamic window technology takes switching screen orientation to a new level.
– Optimization: Animations in selected scenes

[System visuals]
– Brand new visual design works for all types of content and languages.
– Magazine-level layouts bring important things into the spotlight and make content structure clear.
[Privacy protection]
– New: MIUI 12 is the first Android-based mobile OS that went through the rigorous enhanced privacy protection testing.
– New: Reset your device ID and control how it’s used based on virtual ID technology.
– New: Grant permissions that will be used only while you’re using an app.
– New: You can also grant permissions just once, and decide again next time a permission is required.

– New: Restrict access to telephony to third party apps.
– New: Return blank messages to the apps that require personal information.
– New: Receive notifications whenever apps record audio, use camera, or access your location.
– New: Use secure sharing to control what additional data is sent along with shared items.
– New: Get comprehensive stats on how apps use permissions in app behavior history.
– New: Visit to learn how MIUI protects your privacy.
– Optimization: Apps aren’t allowed to launch other apps in the background now.

[Floating windows]
– New: Pull down a notification sent by a messenger app to turn it into a floating window.
– New: Floating windows keep apps running in the foreground even when you pause to do other things.
– New: You can minimize a floating window using a full screen gesture.
– New: You can open an app in a floating window directly from Recents.
– Optimization: Press and hold an app preview in Recents to choose between Split screen and floating windows.

[AI Call Assistant]
– New: Mi AI can answer your calls now!
– New: You can record a customized greeting that will be played to the other person during AI calls.
– New: Customized greetings are also supported for outgoing calls.
[Xiaomi Health]
– New: All-new Xiaomi Health gives you more options and makes your health stats more accurate.
– New: Put your device next to you before falling asleep to analyze your sleep cycle and record talking and snoring.
– New: You can sync data with supported wearable and smart home devices.
– New: Xiaomi Health can remind you to stand up and move when it detects that you’ve been sitting down for too long.
– New: The app also analyzes your stats and gives you simple health advice.
– New: Our new low-power consumption AI algorithm allows you to count steps and track workouts whenever your device is with you.

[Control center]
– New: Swipe down from the upper right corner of your screen to open Control center.
– New: Animated icons are a joy to look at!
– New: Swipe down from the upper left corner to open Notification shade and from the upper right corner to open Control center
– New: When Notification shade is open, swipe down from the upper right corner to open Control center
– Optimization: MIUI 11 custom toggle order is preserved after updating to MIUI 12
– Fix: Some toggles disappeared from Control center in the editing mode

– New: Mi Ditto combines dictation and speech output, making mobile devices more convenient for people who have difficulties using conventionally designed smartphones.
[Dark mode]
– New: Dark mode support is also provided for third party apps now.
– New: Contrast is lowered automatically in low light conditions to protect your eyes.
– New: Font weight is adjusted to Dark mode as well, reducing blur and glare.
– New: Wallpapers can be displayed in darker palette when your device switches to Dark mode.
– Optimization: Brightness and color improvements for wallpapers in Dark mode

[Always-on display]
– New: You can use custom images with Always-on display now.
– New: Usage history saves all your choices and allows you to come back to them.
– New: Traffic and suggested routes to airports and train stations.
– New: You can track your previous trips now.
– New: Checklists for trips.
– New: Alarms for train arrivals.

[Mi Carrier Services]
– New: View your SIM balance and mobile data usage stats.
– New: Save frequently used phone numbers to top up balance and buy mobile data later.
– New: Buy SIM cards and services.
– Optimization: Full screen gestures are now ignored on the Lock screen alarm page
– Fix: Home screen went black and started flashing after unlocking in some cases
– Fix: Noise could be heard when the screen was turned off in some cases
– Updated Android Security Patch to October 2020. Increased system security.

– New: Promotional messages are grouped according to their content now.
[Lock screen]
– Fix: Custom signature didn’t appear on the Lock screen
[Status bar, Notification shade]
– New: Screen lights up with an animation now
– New: Status bar color gradient animation
– New: All-new design

[Home screen]
– New: Animated Home screen icons are neat and satisfying.
– New: We’ve added a new animation for uninstalling apps.
– New: Gravitational animations make returning to Home screen look seamless and natural.
– New: More than 2000 new Always-on display themes.
[Screen Time]
– New: Dashboard with the stats that cover 4 weeks is available now.
– Optimization: New design makes your Screen time stats more comprehensible.

– New: New animations bring the weather from outside directly to your screen.
– New: Security introduces new comprehensive privacy protection mechanisms.
– New: Lite mode simplifies your device and brings essential features up front.
– New: New full screen gestures for switching between apps are available.
[File Manager]
– New: Use the floating shortcut to filter and sort items, as well as switch view.

– New: New layout tailored for landscape orientation is available now.
– New: We added lots of fresh animations that will accompany your actions.
– New: Calendar cards will remind you about important events and anniversaries.
– New: You can create folders with notes now.
– New: New dynamic backgrounds look gorgeous!
– New: Tasks are completed with a satisfying animation now.
– New: Checklists of subtasks make managing your agenda much simpler.

– New: New animations feel natural and refreshing.
– New: Keep your home safe with smart home device alerts.
– New: Binging your favorite shows will be more convenient with our new video toolbox.
[Xiaomi Cloud]
– New: Shared family storage plan is available now.
– Some features might not be available on this device. Visit to learn more about MIUI 12.

Since the update is released over the air, Mi CC9e owners will have to wait for days or maybe even weeks before the download notification arrives. But why wait when we have the download link below?

  • Device: Xiaomi Mi CC9e
  • Codename: laurus
  • Channel: China Stable
  • Version:
  • Android: 10
    • Type: Recovery
      • Download: Link
      • MD5: 33dbfb5dd74cb0bec3979972339d85b8

For those still in the dark, the Mi CC9e was sold globally as the Mi A3 (Android One), so yeah, no global MIUI 12 update for the Mi CC9e.

Redmi 8A Dual MIUI 12 update coming soon

While Mi CC9e users are receiving the update to MIUI 12, those on the Redmi 8A Dual are tipped to receive the update soon.

According to an alleged conversation between a device owner and Xiaomi support, the MIUI 12 update for the Redmi 8A Dual should arrive sometime this week or in the weeks to follow.

View post on

Of course, there is no actual date, but with reports of a potential delay in rolling out MIUI 12 update to the entire Redmi 8 and Redmi 7 series, looks like the wait could be a little longer for Redmi 8A Dual owners as well.

As usual, though, we always take word from support guys with a pinch of salt in the eye – and so should you. We will keep an eye on the developments and let you know when the update arrives.

Meanwhile, check out our MIUI 12 tracker and even Xiaomi Android 11 update tracker to know more.

Thanks for the tip, Ankur Macwan!

Update (January 13, 2021)

A forum moderator now says the Redmi 8A Dual will bag the update to MIUI 12 sometime this month or in February.


Update (February 08, 2021)

The Redmi 8A Dual has bagged the MIUI 12 update based on Android 10 in India following its release for the Redmi 8A in the same region.

Optimization: Full screen gestures are now ignored on the Lock screen alarm page
Updated Android Security Patch to January 2021. Increased system security.
[System animations]
Optimization: Animations in selected scenes
[Control center]
New: Swipe down from the upper left corner to open Notification shade and from the upper right corner to open Control center
Optimization: Control center is now closed by incoming calls
Optimization: Control center layout in landscape mode
Fix: Control center wasn’t always displayed correctly in landscape mode
[Dark mode]
Optimization: Brightness and color improvements for wallpapers in Dark mode
[Status bar, Notification shade]
Fix: Notification shade wasn’t displayed correctly in Dark mode

  • Device: Redmi 8A Dual
  • Codename: olivewood
  • Channel: India Stable
  • Version:
  • Android: 10
    • Type: Recovery
      • Download: Link
      • MD5: c58dac7f8141f0859011ea195f3ce886

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