It is not uncommon for an update to your device to cause you even more trouble than you were facing before. This is, in part, due to just how complex our modern operating systems have gotten.

We have seen countless such instances in the past few years, but most of these issues often get fixed promptly. Well, this is the situation that a section of Asus ZenFone 6 users are finding themselves in.

Asus ZenFone 6

The Asus ZenFone 6, sold in India as the Asus 6z, is among the ever-growing list of devices that have bagged an update to Android 11.

Recently, Asus rolled out an update to the ZenFone 6, WW_18.0610.2101.127. This update brought with it a bunch of fixes to the scheduled charging time and added support for VoWiFi among others.

Unfortunately, this update did a little more than it was aimed at. This, as a number of users of the device, are now reporting issues involving the keyboard.

According to affected users, this update causes them to be unable to invoke the keyboard in various apps on their device. This means that they don’t have a mode of input.

keyboard not working asus zenfone 6 various apps

After updating, the keyboard can’t come out as a result.

It remains unclear what aspect of this update broke this keyboard functionality, a rather core function of the smartphone. Luckily, Asus is aware of this issue.

In response to one of the user complaints, an Asus forum administrator goes on to confirm that they are aware of this ZenFone 6 Keyboard issue and are working to fix it.

Hello, we will fix this problem in a subsequent software update, and the detailed schedule will be updated again~~ Sorry for causing your troubles

zenfone 6 issue known

Additionally, the administrator notifies affected users that a bug-fixing update for this ZenFone 6 keyboard issue is in the works. With that, affected users can rest assured that their woes are being looked into.

Until then, there could be a way to temporarily fix this issue, at least until Asus pushes out the said update. The workaround involves turning off ‘Display on top of other apps’.

This problem has been reported by other users. We will release a software update to fix this problem~~

Please refer to the following methods for temporary exclusion:

1. In the abnormal app (such as Line or Telegram), temporarily cancel the ” Display on top of other apps ” option and try again.

2. Have you installed third-party floating control apps like fooView, FloatingMenu or Swiftly Switch ? If so, please try to remove it first (or cancel its ” display on top of other applications ” option), and then help confirm whether the problem will disappear, thank you

workaround zenfone 6 keyboard issue

Hopefully, this should offer some level of relief for affected users. We shall continue to keep an eye on this and update as and when it gets addressed so stay tuned.

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