YouTube Vanced v16.02.35 update now blocks all ads, including under video ads; Vanced Manager v2.3.0 fixes Android 11 bug

Android’s open-source model opens up several avenues for developers, modders, and enthusiasts to tinker around with. And one of the most popular projects that arose due to this very virtue is YouTube Vanced.

Vanced is capable of bypassing almost every restriction that has been imposed on the default YouTube app. It has support for ad-block, background playback, force-enable HDR, override max resolution, and much more.


Backstage features aren’t all that Vanced has to offer though as the app also comes with a sexy black theme. And most fans will agree on the fact that black just looks far neater.

In short, the app is basically the official YouTube app but on steroids.

A few months back, however, the project bumped into a major hurdle after rolling out version 15.05.54. With this update, multiple users began to see ads upon playing videos.

According to the Vanced team, this was due to Google making some changes in the way YouTube ads were implemented. For further info on this, be sure to check out our past coverage.


This issue arose back in April 2020 and has continued to bother many ever since. At least until now. YouTube Vanced recently bagged a major update that upgrades its base to version 16.02.35 and brings along several changes.

But one of these changes stands out from the rest. It is the enhancement of the built-in ad-blocker which is now capable of keeping all annoying ads tamed once more.

The full changelog for the same has been given below:

– All ads now blocked, including under video ads (for now)
– Added the option to add buttons to the video player to copy the video link with or without the timestamp
– Bug fixes

YouTube Vanced isn’t the only app receiving an update though, as its YouTube Music counterpart has bagged one as well, along with the Manager app. In other words, it’s an update bonanza and no Vanced app has missed out.

Where the former is being bumped to version 4.07.51, the latter has been bumped to version 2.3.0. Below is the changelog for YouTube Music Vanced followed by that of Vanced Manager:

– Increased base to 4.11.50
– Improved app load times

– Fixed root music installation for Android 5 and 6 devices
– Fixed root Vanced thinking play services don’t exist on Android 11
– Added a fallback to mirror URL if servers go down (it will)
– Improved startup time and performance
– Added a warning when installing Vanced/Music v16 or higher due to a bug in microG

As clear from above, both the apps have received performance boosts, among other things, where you should see an improvement in app launching speeds.

With that being said, if you want to give all of the above a try, then be sure to download the Vanced Manager app. This handy tool is sort of like an app store for Vanced apps.

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