Over the past couple of months following the release of Android 11, OnePlus has been busy working on and rolling out OxygenOS 11 to its devices. Well, mostly fixing bugs but still, working on OxygenOS 11.

At the moment, the company is working on OxygenOS 11 for the OnePlus 7 and OnePlus Nord devices and we’ve recently seen the initial Open Beta for both series (1,2).

OnePlus 8

As the company continues to work on this OxygenOS 11, a few issues continue to crop up, and OnePlus being one of the more consumer-centered brands always listens.

The company often compiles some of the most pressing issues aired on its Community forums and comes up with these monthly FAQs to address these concerns.

We have covered the past few editions of the same and issues that the company chose to address and you can check out the November and December editions.


January is slowly coming to a close and the company is at it again with some of the commonly asked questions and most pressing issues and what the company is doing about it.

Q: I can’t find the pictures and screenshots in the Gallery after the system was updated.
A: We are glad to inform you that this issue has been resolved. Please update your phone’s system and the Gallery (4.0.120) to the latest version.

Q:Navigation gestures of OnePlus 8/8Pro/8T stop working sometimes.
A:This navigation issue has been fixed in the latest stable version of OnePlus 8/8Pro/8T. Please update the system to the latest stable version.

Q:Alarms occasionally get stuck, and I can’t delete or turn them off.
Q:When I close a full-screen video, the screen does not automatically go into portrait-mode and remains in the landscape-mode.
A:These issues have been fixed in the latest stable version of the OnePlus 8 series. Please update the system to the latest stable version.

Q: Why can’t I send and receive text messages on OnePlus Messages and other third-party messaging apps?
A : The reason behind this issue is the “Carrier Services” App developed by the Google team. The V.50.0.3 of this app can trigger this issue. Here’s how you can fix it:
1. Open the Play Store and install V.48.0.3 version of “Carrier Services”.
2. Reboot your device.

Q:The Red Cable Club app in Android 11 has several display issues in dark mode.
A:If you encounter this issue, please check if the RCC app’s version number is; if yes, please update the app to 1.4.0 version in Play Store to solve this issue. If you can’t see this app in Play Store, please contact Customer Service for support.

Q:Why does OnePlus Messages show incompatible with my device?
A:Please don’t worry, the Messages app is still working normally. This prompt OnePlus navigation issue in Play Store will disappear when your device is updated to Android 11, please stay tuned for the updates.

Q: While using the OnePlus 8T’s primary camera, focusing with close range is difficult.
A: When shooting at close range, the light or the texture of the object might affect the autofocus algorithm, making it impossible to find the focus point stably. If you need to focus at close range, you can use manual focus in professional mode or turn on Super macro to shoot. If you still face problems focusing at close range, please go to the community feedback area to submit feedback and provide the original film for reference.

Q:Why can’t I open my note in the Notes app?
A:Sorry for the inconvenience. If you encounter this issue, please contact Customer Service for help for step by step instructions.

Q: I can’t find the weather app in the Launcher’s widgets after updating my OnePlus 8 series to OS 11.
A: Currently, the new weather app is not available as a widget. If you want to use the widget, on your OnePlus you can take navigation to the “OnePlus Widget” in Launcher to access weather data to fix issue. Here’s how: Long press Launcher > Choose WIDGETS – Drag the widget in “OnePlus Widget” containing weather data to Launcher.

It is commendable that a company would be this invested in its users’ experience and we can only hope to see the same kind of effort from other OEMs moving forward.

We shall continue to keep an eye on these issues and update as and when the bug-fix updates promised do roll out to the devices so stay tuned.

NOTE: We have these and many more OnePlus stories in our dedicated OnePlus section.

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