Motorola working on Moto One Fusion+ buzzing/static sound from speaker on low volume issue, says forum mod

The Motorola One Fusion+ was considered to be one of the best smartphones in its respective price range thanks to its decent price to performance ratio.

It comes with Android 10 out-of-the-box with a pretty much stock Android-like user interface with minimal bloatware — which is the case with most phones from the company.


Motorola has also officially listed the Motorola One Fusion+ as an eligible device for the update to Android 11.

Unfortunately, the company has not shared specific dates or months as to when users can expect to start receiving the update, something that we recently highlighted in regards to Moto’s software update practices.

That said, some users aren’t waiting for Motorola to seed the Android 11 update, and instead, are awaiting a fix for the sound issues that arise when playing audio on low volume via the phone’s speaker.

According to some Motorola One Fusion+ users, there is a buzzing or static sound that comes from the phone’s speaker when the volume is turned down.

We’ve shared some complaints from users below for reference:


Yeah, I have the same issue with mine. It’s a generic issue there’s nothing you can do about it. (Source)

I have owned a Motorola One Fusion+ for about a month. I noticed that the audio quality is very poor with low volume, while it is perfect and with crystal clear sound with medium-high and high volume. (Source)

I can confirm that problem too. Its noise like crackling changing stations on radio. It hapend all the time when I want to hear on low level volume. (Source)

The buzzing or static sound issue from the speakers is actually a common problem that pops up on even some of the most expensive smartphones.

Matter of fact, we reported a similar issue being faced by many iPhone 12 Pro users. Head here for more details on that.

The issue appears to have been highlighted a few months ago, however, Motorola is yet to fix the buzzing or static sound problem from the speaker on low volume on the Motorola One Fusion+.

Back in November, a forum admin claimed that the company engineers are looking into the issue.


However, the problem still persists to this date and another moderator on the company’s community forum has recently claimed that they are still working with the team on the audio issue.

We are working with our team on the Audio issue. (Source)

Given that it has already been a couple of months since Motorola has apparently been working on a fix for the issue, we wouldn’t keep our hopes all that high since it could be possible that the problem is hardware related.

Having said that, we will keep a close eye on this and will post an update if and when any developments surface regarding the buzzing or static sound issue from the speaker of the Motorola One Fusion+ on low volume.

In the meantime, you can keep an eye out on our dedicated tracker to know more about the status of Android 11 for all eligible devices from Motorola.

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