iPhone 12 Pro speaker audio (crackling/static sound) bug adds to growing list of device's annoying issues

The Apple iPhone 12 Pro’s speakers aren’t performing up to the mark for some, and this has come to light after the emergence of a series of complaints by users.

Users complain that they encounter a crackling/static sound when playing media through the speakers. A few of such reports have been picked from Apple forums and are given below.


I have the same issue on my iphone 12 pro, the speakers have a lot of noise. It is really annoying. The last update did not fix it? is it a software issue or i need to go to apple store for repair/replace?

When charging the phone has a static sound coming from it as well as beeping. VERY VERY faint but my hearing sensitive and I could’ve sworn I accidentally left music playing. Anyone else having this issue?? Already erased and set up as new! Still happening. Old device does not do this. Very creeped out.

There are inconsistencies in the manner users are facing the issue. Some say it is minor, while many others opined that the issue has spoiled the overall listening experience.

Also, several say that they encounter it on specific apps only, while others have stated that they face it all the time, regardless of the app being used.

Furthermore, a couple of users have stated that they are able to reproduce the problem when making use of MagSafe chargers.

I had the support on the phone yesterday, and they made me perform several tests. It’s definitively magsafe related, or at least the magsafe case increases the issue.

Now, Apple’s new wireless charging technology does make the use of magnets, which can theoretically cause an interference with speakers. However, this is unlikely given Apple’s strict quality control.

If you are facing the issue only when charging, then it could be a faulty device.

The Apple iPhone 12 Pro

In any case, most users agree on the fact that a reboot fixes the issue temporarily. Moreover, several users have also tried factory resetting to no avail.

Aaah me too! Omg it feels like the speaker is about to explode with the static and buzzing! and when I used spotify the song keeps breaking like a broken record. The only way to fix it is to restart the phone. Apple must have a solution for this if it does re occur again

So, can there be a universal culprit behind the iPhone 12 Pro speaker issue? Well, it is unclear as of now. The problem reportedly disappeared for a user after they got a device replacement. This does imply that the issue is linked to hardware.

However, if it truly is hardware-related, then why are some users reporting that they face static in audio through earphones as well? These unanswered questions create an air of speculation.

Pushing the speculation aside, all users can do for now is hope that the iPhone 12 Pro speaker issue is a software one that will soon be addressed by Apple. We will keep updating the story as and when there are new updates.

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