Apple’s 2020 lineup of devices is a rather impressive collection. Of course, there was the iPhone SE but the stars of the show are the iPhone 12 siblings.

Knowing Apple, these are the fastest iPhones yet and can outperform even the beefiest Android devices out there today.

iPhone 12 Pro Max

But then again, there is no such thing as a perfect device and as painful as it might be to think of Apple in this light, this is true.

Owing to Apple’s tight software-hardware integration, these issues are expected to be few and far between, and for the most part, they are. But they’re not non-existent.

We’ve seen iPhone 12 overheating issues, display flickering issues for the iPhone 12 Pro, focus issue on the iPhone 12 Pro camera and so on.

Users of the iPhone 12 devices have been facing an issue with their devices that results in significant battery drain even when the device is sitting idly.

A quick scroll through the community forums and you’re bound to come across countless reports of users lamenting over this unexplained battery drain on their iPhone 12.

iPhone 12 battery drain

My iPhone 12 is just 2 days old and I am facing really bad battery drain overnight. I had almost 90% left for couple of days before I had gone to sleep and woke up with a remaining battery of around 65%. The battery chart has nothing for these hours. And moreover my mail push is set to manual and I had turned off wifi, bluetooth, location and mobile data. Is there something I can do to stop this?


Some users who used the iPhone 11 Pro and expected a slightly diminished battery life on the newer iPhone 12 Pro over its smaller battery size are also stunned at this level of battery drain.

Anybody noticing severe battery drain for the iPhone 12 Pro right out of the box? It makes sense that the battery drain is significant compared to the 11 Pro because of the smaller battery but you’d expect Apple would have worked on hardware and software optimization to improve battery life even with a smaller battery.

And not just for the iPhone 12 Pro. Users of the regular iPhone 12 are also noting significantly poorer battery experience over the previous-gen iPhone 11.

iPhone 12 battery drain reddit

At the time of writing, Apple hadn’t acknowledged this issue and as such, we still don’t know what the way forward for affected users is.

However, knowing Apple, this should be fixed pretty soon on an update as these issues could be due to just how new the devices are and a little more optimization is all it takes. But then again, this is all speculative.

We shall continue to keep an eye on this and other iPhone 12 issues and report back as and when we get more info so stay tuned.

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