Oppo’s sub-brand Realme, quite undeniably, offers some of the most competitively priced smartphones. The brand’s journey initially kicked off with entry-level offerings. But since then, they have graduated into the mid-range and flagship realms.

Like many other Chinese brands, Realme has always taken user feedback quite seriously. Hence, they have worked hard to bring some of the most requested features to their devices and software.

The Realme 7 Pro

A great example of this can be the camera software on the Realme 7 and 7 Pro that gets updated regularly with various enhancements and feature additions.

As a result, the brand has quickly amassed a huge fan following. And as already mentioned, much of that can be traced back to the fact that they are eager for feedback and take it earnestly.

And going forward with such practice, Realme recently hosted a new episode of “OS QnA With Devs” on the topic “Screen Refresh Rate”. With these monthly QnA sessions, the company aims to answer questions from users regarding various Realme software features.

We have cherry-picked some of the most relevant questions and summarized them with their answers below.

Realme 6 Pro | Realme 7 | Realme X2 Pro | Realme UI 2.0

First up, there were a couple of feature requests wherein one user requested an option for an automatic on-screen refresh rate without the need for toggling Game Space. And another requested smooth scrolling feature for specific games in the Game Space app.

Unsurprisingly, both requests were responded to positively with the dev team saying that they will actually be taking them into consideration.

Q: In games space while gaming a option for on screen refresh rate while gaming instead of togglling game space
A: Hello! We will take your feedback into consideration, thanks!

Q: Can we have specific smooth scrolling feature for games in game space app only, in future OTA updates for realme 7 pro ?
A: Hello, and thank you for your feedback. We will consider that

Of course, this doesn’t mean that the above-mentioned features will be implemented and rolled out right away. But it is still great to see that the company is at least considering them.

When asked about the difference between screen refresh rate and touch sampling rate, the dev provided the following answer:

They are two separate things. The refresh rate is the number of times the screen refreshes per second. While the sampling rate is how the screen perceives the user touches when interacting with it.

And when asked as to why certain games do not run at 90Hz even after the display supports that refresh rate, the developer responded that not all apps/games take advantage of high refresh rates and are instead locked at 60Hz.

Q: why High refresh rate not support from game such as pubg …..from device realme 6 90hz display but support game 60hz why……….
A: Hello! That depends on the game – the device does support 90hz refresh rate but not all apps and games take advantage of it.

Of course, it is up to game developers to implement high screen refresh rate support and not much can be done about it by Realme. Some game developers also limit refresh rates for some devices based on their raw processing power.

pubg mobile

A good example of this can be PUBG Mobile that enables 90Hz support on select flagship devices only.

Lastly, one user asked an interesting question about whether displays can be overclocked just the way some processors are.

Q: Just like SoC(s) can be overclocked example Mediatek G90T / G95 & Snapdragon 730G / 732G. Is it possible to overclock the screen refresh rate?
A: Hello! Good question, but sadly it is not possible – this type of hardware works in a different manner.

Hopefully, this fruitful QnA session addressed some of the queries and doubts you had in mind. Let us know your thoughts about it all in the comments below.

That said, Realme is set to roll out Android 11 for several devices pretty soon too. And if you don’t want to miss out on anything, then be sure to check out our Realme UI 2.0 update tracker.

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