Every once in a while a song might cross one’s mind that has been diminished to nothing but a vague tune. But listening to it once more in reality can only be dreamt of as that requires searching up lyrics.

And remembering lyrics is not everyone’s piece of cake.

Google identified this problem and decided to put its advanced machine learning algorithms to good use. The end product of this is the new ‘hum to search’ feature which helps identify potential song matches from just a hum.

google hum to search iphone not working

I am having the same problem. Of course it is a brand new feature so I don’t expect it to work perfectly, but as a heads up it’s not working on iOS 13.6 either, specifically on the google app. I tried humming various songs, my goal was an obscure Led Zeppelin song that I couldn’t remember. Again just a confirmation that neither humming or whistling worked for me.

Just downloaded it and when I say “what’s this song?” And try to hum anything, it cuts me off and actually brings up a google search saying Google can now pair humming to songs.

While this unique feature has served its purpose well for most, several iPhone users have complained that it’s broken for them. This is apparent from a string of complaints on Reddit and Google forums as shown above.

Complainants have stated that the Google app on iOS cuts them off whilst they hum the song and provides completely irrelevant results, much to their disappointment.

iOS isn’t the only affected platform though as there are a few complaints from iPad users as well. This does point fingers towards the Google app on iOS/iPadOS as being the culprit since something is clearly broken.

And Google did acknowledge the ‘hum to search’ issue on iOS a while back. A Community Manager conveyed that the team was able to implement a fix and was rolling it out.

google hum search fix

But this is old news. As it stands, complaints following the acknowledgment have only continued with the same magnitude, if not increased. The apparent bug-fixing update definitely hasn’t made even a slight improvement.

Moreover, the intricacies about updates in the Google app are pretty difficult to spot as Google provides extremely vague changelogs on both iOS and Android. Hence, it is difficult to ascertain if the fix did indeed roll out.

For now, there is not much that can be done about the Google app’s ‘hum to search’ issue on iOS apart from complaining about it on existing forums. Hopefully, the company will acknowledge the issue soon.

For now, if you are interested in more issues like these along with their resolutions, if any, then be sure to visit our iOS and iPadOS 14 bug tracker.

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