[Update: Issue persists] iPhone 12 lock & keyboard sound issues continue even after latest iOS 14.3 beta update, as per some user reports

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Original story (published on November 27, 2020) follows:

Complaints of some annoying lock screen and keyboard sound issues on the iPhone 12 series have been flowing in for around a month now, but it seems that Apple is yet to acknowledge the issue.

Some of such complaints have been picked from the Apple forums and Reddit, and are given below.

iphone 12 screen lock sound issue

Hello, my iPhone seems to have a strange problem with the keyboard and lock sounds, it will stay quiet until I start typing then it gets loud. It’s so frustrating, I tried force restart and resetting but it didn’t help with this issue. Did anyone have a similar problem?

Hi, does anyone know if the lock sound issue on the iPhone 12s is fixed in 14.3 beta? For anyone unfamiliar with the issue, when the ringer is on, the lock sound will sound cut off, leading me to turn off lock sounds. Thank you.

As apparent from the above comments, in this issue, some system sounds like lock, unlock and typing sounds don’t seem to play properly.

Users state that the sound either gets cut off, sounds muffled, gets too loud, or plays at different volume levels each time. You can check out a video demonstration posted by a user about the same through this link.

apple airpods
The Apple AirPods

Has anyone noticed that the lock sound stays consistently normal when using AirPods? I haven’t been able to recreate the issue while using headphones or AirPods. Source

Moreover, some users observed that they were only able to reproduce the issue only on the iPhone’s speakers, as playing those system sounds through AirPods resulted in no untoward behavior.

Initially, the matter was linked to MagSafe cases, as a couple of users had stated that taking the case off had fixed the issue for them.

But this was ruled out quickly enough by newer reports that state that the issue persists even with the case off.

The Apple iPhone 12 Pro

Furthermore, users had hoped that the next iOS update would fix this annoying bug. Quite disappointingly though, the bug seems to have lived on, firstly through the the iOS 14.2 update, and now the latest iOS 14.3 beta.

Same problem with me in iPhone 12 Pro Max, even I’ve updated to beta 14.3 (18C5054c), hope dev team will solve this problem on release version.

A user did claim previously that the iOS 14.2 update fixed the issue for him. However the claims were refuted soon enough by some users who were facing the issue even on iOS 14.2.1.

It seems like Apple is unaware of the problem as of now. Hence, it is advisable to do the only thing you can do about the matter for now – give feedback. You can give feedback via this link.

Hopefully, if enough complaints go in, Apple will take the iPhone 12 series’ lock screen and keyboard sound issues seriously and acknowledge them soon. Fingers crossed.

For now, be sure to check out our dedicated iOS 14 bugs/issues tracker for more coverage on problems like these.

Update 1 (December 24)

As clear from several reports, the lock and keyboard sound issues on iPhone 12 series have persisted with the latest stable iOS 14.3 update.

still same problem on 14.3, wonder is this addressed on 14.4 beta 1?

The newest update 14.3 does not fix this issue….at least not for me. Currently, there’s only the temporary fix of restarting the phone.

There is still no official acknowledgment from Apple but we are all hopeful that the problem will get addressed with iOS 14.4.

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