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OnePlus came into the smartphone scene as an enthusiast brand, a niche product for spec-heads. Since then, the brand has gone mainstream.

Today, OnePlus is not the start-up it once was. It has a massive community surrounding the brand and its bid to differentiate itself from competitors hinges on its tendency to listen to its users.

OnePlus 8T
OnePlus 8T

Currently, OnePlus is working on improvements for its Android 11-based skin, OxygenOS 11. We have a dedicated tracker that is keeping tabs on all OxygenOS 11 development and you can check that out here.

As expected, there are still a lot of features that are going to be baked into OxygenOS 11 and deployed in the coming updates.

OnePlus is letting users be a part of this whole process and in line with that, we’ve seen the company run the IDEAS initiative (1,2); a platform that allows users to pitch ideas and features they’d like to see in OxygenOS 11.


Well, the ideas have come in and OnePlus staff has gone through them. The company has now ear-marked many of the ideas that have proven exemplary and worth looking at.

With that, these are some of the improvements that we could see in upcoming OxygenOS 11 builds.

We could soon see a “Top Shot” feature on the stock OnePlus camera app. Both Google and Apple have a similar feature on their new Pixel and iPhone devices. This Top Shot feature captures (buffers) a few seconds before and a few seconds after a shot so you always get the best photo.

Alert Slider Expanded Hotbar is another suggested feature that should give users more granular control over the device’s notification settings, involved by the alert slider.

Samsung has the Samsung Health app and Apple has Apple Health on its iPhones. OnePlus Health could be a nice addition to the OnePlus ecosystem.

The OnePlus Community is a pretty popular forum for OnePlus users. It offers a medium for official communication and a platform for users to get in touch with the company. A OnePlus Community widget for fast access to this platform would be invaluable for users.

Also suggested for inclusion on OxygenOS 11 by users is the ability to put a tag on the image. This, so as to search a picture by the tag later rather than looking for it through the gallery. More on that here.

User would like to be able to customizable the button layout in PRO mode of their OnePlus device cameras. More on that here.

Also suggested is the ability to have the OnePlus Notes app to sync/backup to the cloud. This should then allow these notes to be viewed/edited in a web interface.

Some other features suggested include:

Download folder sorting.
Shortcuts to most used folders on Front Page.
Animations during accessory pairing and connecting
Select & Quote in Community App
Custom Snooze option for each alarm

Ability to set custom time in Zen Mode
Battery widget showing phone and earphone battery life
Navigation Bar customization.

Addition of 16:9 aspect ratio in the stock camera app preview
Power Diet – Save up for a rainy day!
Warning before the phone is about to die because of low battery
Customizable Lockscreen shortcuts
Notification Count on Icons (App Badges)

It is exciting to see this many good ideas from users. This only goes to show just how much the users have to offer software developers.

Worth noting is that, while these have been picked by OnePlus staff for further scrutiny, it is not a guarantee that we shall see these improvements in upcoming releases of OxygenOS 11.

We shall be on hand to update as and when some of these get considered for adoption in future stable builds of OxygenOS 11 so stay tuned.

Update 1 (November 19)

IST 12:20 pm: The OnePlus IDEAS 2.0 program has come to an end and the company has finally decided on which suggested features it will implement and which ones did not make the cut via a recap post on its community forum.

[Adopted IDEAS]

1. Add a FPS counter option to Game Space
2. Separate volume for each app and allow dual media playback
3. Lockscreen customization
4. Wireless file transfer from PC to OnePlus and vice versa

5. Power Diet – Save up for a rainy day!
6. Dark mode to be black instead of grey, or at least option for both
7. Partial ScreenShot

[Not Adopted]

1. Hole punch camera notification alerts
2. Desktop Mode
3. Work with social media companies to improve camera optimization
4. iOS 14 Back Tap Gestures
5. Preventing Screen Burn-In by Subtle Pixel Shifting

6. Customizable Battery charge level
7. Dual audio in bluetooth
8. Fingerprint Customization
9. Notification Ring
10. Improve the image processing

11. Animations during accessory pairing and connecting
12. Navigation Bar customization
13. Replace the Google dialer to OnePlus Dialer
14. Notification Count on Icons (App Badges)
15. Battery Health
16. Classic layout to oxygen os 11

NOTE: We have these and many more OnePlus stories in our dedicated OnePlus section.

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