Android 11’s market share is slowly but steadily increasing with each new device released and as various OEMs finally roll out Beta or stable builds of their Android 11 skins.

We have a dedicated Android 11 tracker that keeps tabs on all major OEMs and their journey to Android 11 for eligible devices.


OnePlus is doing a pretty decent job with regards to its Android 11-based OxygenOS 11. At the time of writing, OnePlus 8 series of devices had already been updated.

There’s also an unofficial OnePlus roadmap to Android 11 that goes to detail how the company plans to roll out this update to eligible devices.

Even as that happens, there are still a lot of issues dogging OnePlus devices running various versions of OxygenOS and HydrogenOS.

In the November 2020 FAQs for HydrogenOS, OnePlus goes to address some of the most pressing issues afflicting users of various OnePlus devices running Android 10 and even Android 11.

While this is meant for HydrogenOS users, it is safe to assume that many of these also apply to users of OxygenOS.

Please note that the following excerpts have been directly translated from Chinese.

Q: Why does the alarm of OnePlus 7/7T series only vibrate but not ring?
A: This problem has been fixed in the latest stable version of OnePlus 7/7T. At present, the latest stable version of OnePlus 7/7T series is being pushed gradually. After receiving the push, you can update to the latest version to solve this problem.

OnePlus 7T
OnePlus 7T

Q: Why can’t I find the weather, notes, OnePlus Gallery, OnePlus Desktop and other apps in the store?
A: The above apps are currently under compatible development of Hydrogen OS 10 and 11 versions, so some versions of mobile phones are temporarily unable to download apps in OnePlus. If you need to solve this problem urgently, you can contact customer service to communicate a temporary solution, and the customer service will assist the fuelers to deal with the problem. We will also put the app on the store as soon as possible, and you can download and install it yourself after you refuel. Please pay attention to the store version update.

Q: Why is there no pop-up window when connecting OnePlus Buds to the phone?
A: If you encounter the above problems, please update OnePlus buds to the latest version in the store, and then try the following steps: pull down the status bar-open the location information-re-enable the Bluetooth function, and try to connect to the phone again.

You can also remove the phone case and earphone protective cover, and try the earphones close to the phone. If you still have problems after trying the above methods, you can go to the community feedback area to submit bug feedback.

oneplus buds
OnePlus Buds

Q: After upgrading to Hydrogen OS 11, some screenshots and saved photos are not displayed in the album and can only be found in the file management.

A: This problem has been fixed. If you encounter the above problems, you can update the gallery to version 4.0.84 and above to solve the problem. If it is still not resolved, please contact customer service to communicate the solution, and the customer service will assist the cheering people to deal with the problem.

OnePlus 8T users facing this issues need to update the system to the Android 11 stable version . The system will gradually push the version update, please be patient. After completing the version update, update the gallery to the latest version in the store to solve the problem.

Q: Why is the order in which the photos in the gallery are taken out of order?

A: This problem has been fixed and is expected to be released in the subsequent stable version. If you need to solve this problem urgently, you can contact customer service to communicate a temporary solution, and the customer service will assist in handling this problem.

Q: The loading speed of Hydrogen OS 11 album is too slow.

A: We have been continuously optimizing this problem, and it has been incorporated into the latest version of the gallery.

Come on, you can update the gallery to version 4.0.84 in the store to improve this problem. In the future, we will continue to optimize the loading speed of the album, so please stay tuned and pay attention to subsequent version updates.

Q: Why can’t the SMS verification code be copied and filled with one click?

A: If you encounter this situation, please refer to the following solutions: Long press the “information” icon-click “App Information”-click the “three dots” in the upper right corner-select “Uninstall Update” to restore normal functions.

In addition, Hydrogen OS users are not recommended to update OnePlus official app on the Google Play Store, which may cause some functions to fail. Please go to OnePlus Store to update OnePlus official app.

Q: Can you add an option to view the recording on the call history page?

A: The communication module on Hydrogen OS 11 now supports the option of “Quick View Recording”. To refuel, just turn on the recording during the call. After the call is over, you can find and view the recording through the following path.

The specific path is as follows: click the “call” icon-call history-click the three dots on the right side of the callee-click “call recording” to listen to the recorded content.

Q: Why does the dark mode not automatically turn on when the set time is reached after the custom time is set?

A: When the user uses the mobile phone, the dark mode will not switch automatically to avoid discomfort caused by sudden switching. When the phone is unlocked next time, the system will automatically switch to dark mode for you.

(*When the set automatic start time is reached, the dark mode needs to be automatically switched under the screen state)

These are, by no means, the only issues afflicting OnePlus device owners. We have a list of OxygenOS 11 (Android 11) known issues and you can check that out here.

We can only hope that the OnePlus Android 11 issues and their fixes explained above trickle down to users of the OxygenOS-powered equivalents as soon as possible.

NOTE: We have these and many more OnePlus stories in our dedicated OnePlus section.

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