OnePlus was one of the first OEMs to roll out the Android 11 beta update for its flagships. Further, in an announcement, OnePlus CEO, Pete Lau, confirmed that the third beta will be the final nail in the coffin for the closed beta program.

After this, OnePlus was expected to kick-start the Open Beta program for interested users to try out OxygenOS 11 based on Android 11 for their devices.

But as it turned out, the company did have to release a fourth beta update for users in the Closed Beta program due to some bugs and issues that tagged along in the beta 3 update.

oneplus 8 pro
OnePlus 8 Pro

Nevertheless, on September 8, the company finally announced the OxygenOS 11 Open Beta 1 program. And recently, it also rolled out the beta 2 update for the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro.

The new skin from OnePlus has a bucket load of new features and improvements over the previous version of OxygenOS. Although, many fans are still unsure about the major UI overhaul and the step away from the stock Android-like appearance.

Fortunately, it seems that OnePlus is still looking for ways to improve the OxygenOS experience since the company is now looking forward to some user feedback.

This is because the Chinese OEM is running a survey for OnePlus users who have tried the OxygenOS 11 Open Beta 1 and/or Open Beta 2 update based on Android 11.


The survey consists of a series of questions that basically ask you about whether you use or care for certain features and functions in OxygenOS 11.

We’ve added all thirty eight questions from the survey below. In case you wish to take part in it and provide some feedback, simply head here.

1. Have you ever used “Zen Mode”?
“Zen Mode” allows you to take a break from your phone and return to your life. Now, you can choose multiple themes and use it with other users.

2. Have you ever used “Zen Mode” with other users?

3. Have you ever used “Game toolkit” when playing games?
Slide down in the upper left/right corner of the screen when playing games to enable the “Game toolkit”. You can directly reply your messages in WhatsApp or IG through “Game toolkit”.

4. How do you feel about the “Game toolkit”? | 5. (Optional)Could you briefly describe why?

6. Have you ever used the feature of mistouch protection when playing games?
You can turn it on in the “Game toolkit” to block the notifications bar, then click the “down” arrow in the center to access it as needed.

7. How do you feel about the “Mistouch protection” when playing games? | 8. (Optional)Could you briefly describe why?

9. Have you ever used the feature of AOD(Always On Display)?
AOD keeps part of the screen on when the phone is locked, to display information such as time and notification. You can customize it and set start and end times for AOD. Path: Settings – Display – Ambient Display – Always-on ambient display.

10. How do you feel about the “AOD”? | 11. (Optional)Could you briefly describe why?

12. Have you ever used Insight as your clock style?
OnePlus worked with students at Parsons School of Design to create “Insight”, which turns everyday’s 24 hours into a colorful ribbon. Based on the phone’s lifetime data, each wake leaves a unique mark on the ribbon. The longer you use it, the wider the notch will be. Path: Customization – Clock Style – Insight.

13. How do you feel about the “Insight” clock style? | 14. (Optional)Could you briefly describe why?

15. Have you ever experienced the new Gallery?
The new Gallery brings a new interface, and features such as “weekly stories”.

16. How do you feel about the new Gallery? | 17. (Optional)Could you briefly describe why?

18. Have you ever experienced the “Weekly Stories” in Gallery?
The “Weekly Stories” feature uses AI algorithm to automatically clip together highlights of a video every weekend, set with music and filters to generate a week’s worth of clips, allowing you to quickly and easily review your highlights of a week. Path: Gallery – Explore – Story.

19. How do you feel about the “Weekly Stories” in Gallery? | 20. (Optional)Could you briefly describe why?

21. Have you ever experienced the new version of “Notes”?
The new version of Notes has a visual refresh, including: new court and list switch, optimalized note editing and sharing card interface.

22. How do you feel about the new version of “Notes”? 23. (Optional)Could you briefly describe why?

24. Have you ever experienced the new version of “Shelf”?
The new version of Shelf has a visual and interactive refresh.

25. How do you feel about the new version of “Shelf”? 26. (Optional)Could you briefly describe why?

27. Have you ever experienced the new version of “Weather”?
The new version of Weather offers a more immersive experience with richer animations.

28. How do you feel about the new version of “Weather”? | 29. (Optional)Could you briefly describe why?

30. How do you feel about the new version of “Launcher”?
New OnePlus Launcher, provided new widgets and visual refreshes, with an efficient new multitasking interface, and supports multiple desktop application layouts. | 31. (Optional)Could you briefly describe why?

32. How do you feel about the new version of “Quick Settings”?
A new interface for Quick Settings, in which the brightness adjustment can be adjusted in one step now. | 33. (Optional)Could you briefly describe why?

34. How do you feel about the new Communication apps, such as Contacts, Messages and Dialer?
Now we have a new interface and interaction design for communication applications. | 35. (Optional)Could you briefly describe why?

36. How would you rate the OnePlus 8 series OBT for this version? 37. (Optional)Could you briefly describe why?

38. Do you have any other problem which affect the experience when using the phone?

OnePlus is known to implement user ideas in its OxygenOS skin over Android. Therefore, we hope the company conducts similar surveys often to improve its skin further.

Matter of fact, you can check out some insights into why OnePlus made certain decisions with OxygenOS 11 here. Meanwhile, stay tuned to our dedicated tracker to know when OxygenOS 11 based on Android 11 arrives on your OnePlus smartphone.

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