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Original story (published on September 24, 2020) follows:

Xiaomi has set the benchmark with the MIUI 12 update and many devices are already running the latest custom skin.

The update rollout still continues as many devices are still in line to receive MIUI 12. However, Xiaomi might have already started working on the next iteration of MIUI i.e. MIUI 13.


Today, a Mi Engineer Face to Face Q&A was posted on the Mi Community where the MIUI engineers addressed a lot of common queries.

The idea behind Mi Engineer Face to Face is to bridge the gap between Mi engineers and fans by providing an insight into Xiaomi’s engineering culture.

With second round of the Mi Engineer Face to Face Q&A, Xiaomi engineers shed some light on MIUI 13 stating that it is under development and MIUI engineers are focusing on optimizing the animations to run more smoothly.

From current MIUI, we move on to the next. What are all the new features for the next version of MIUI? As secretive as it can be, it’s said to be in progress, and MIUI engineers will optimize to make the animation run more smoothly. That’s a bit unexpecting disclosure, isn’t it? So stay tuned for the next version.


It must be noted that a MIUI 13 development survey surfaced back in April while a fake MIUI 13 Update (Download Access) app was also spotted on Google Play.

Also, we recently saw a new Power Off animation with a two-way slider button to be added possibly in Xiaomi MIUI 13 update or later MIUI 12 builds.

However, the latest information about the animations optimization is credible enough to believe that Xiaomi is indeed working on the MIUI 13 update.

Apart from that, the engineers addressed another common query about the reinstatement of the MIUI Global Developer ROM Project in the Face to Face Q&A stating that the project might be back soon.

MIUI Global Developer ROM Project Might Be Back!
When will MIUI global developer ROM project resume? This is probably the most asked question. According to MIUI engineers, they are currently discussing internally and hope to have a developer ROM project soon, so that new upcoming features can be supported by MIUIers. But the number of testes might be limited. This is something we can expect for! Are you ready for the resumption of the developer ROM project?


Note: The information about the MIUI Global Developer ROM Project was later removed from the Mi Engineer Face to Face Q&A.

The engineer also stated that the number of tests will be limited this time if the said project returns. Nevertheless, it is still big news for Mi fans.

While a bunch of other queries were also answered in Xiaomi’s Engineer Face to Face Q&A, the information about MIUI 13 and MIUI Global Developer ROM Project was the spotlight of the Q&A.

That said, we are closely following the development of MIUI 12 and even its successor, MIUI 13, so stay tuned for more updates on the topic.

In the meantime, you can check out our MIUI 12 update tracker if your Xiaomi device is yet to bag the latest custom skin.

Moreover, Xiaomi is also working on Android 11 and the Mi 10 series and Redmi K30 Pro have already bagged the latest OS update in China. So, you can also have a look at our Xiaomi Android 11 update tracker.

Update 1 (September 25)

In an effort to clear things up, Xiaomi has issued a statement via the official Mi Global Community group on Telegram regarding the Global Developer ROM project. We’ve added the entire statement below:

As we observing that the screenshot of global developer rom project is spreading everywhere. every unofficial telegram channel and unofficial social media platform is saying that global developer rom project will resume so let me clear you that it is not a 100% sure yet.

Mi Engineers said that they will think about it and discuss about global developer rom resumption. Decision is not taken yet so don’t believe on false information. Global developer rom resumption is not 100% sure yet. The decision can be negative too so please don’t believe on false information

This means that the company is not guaranteeing that the Global Developer ROM will be resumed. The idea is still under discussion and thus users should take it with a grain of salt.

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