Some Android OEMs release at least two major Android updates for their devices. This update cycle is the same for the flagship, mid-range, and even budget smartphones from these companies. However, this is not always the case.

Realme 1 launched with Android 8.1 on board. And it is now running Android 9 Pie which released back in 2018. Needless to say, users expected the update to Android 10 to be available as the second major OS update for the device.

However, Realme 1 owners were disappointed to know that the company will not release the Android 10 update for the device. Moreover, since Realme UI is based only on Android 10, it won’t be possible to get the new Realme UI running on Android 9.

Fortunately, in the Android world, users don’t necessarily have to rely on OEMs to release major Android updates. Thanks to developers, custom ROMS can be flashed on supported devices. These custom ROMs bring new features and even more personalization options.

Custom ROMs like LineageOS, PixelExperience, and BlissOS bring the latest Android version to many devices including ones like Realme 1 which are no longer going to get any major Android update.

Realme 1 Android 10 experience with BlissROM

Realme 1 users looking for the Android 10 update can now turn to BlissROM. This custom ROM is based on Android 10 and brings a host of new features for the Realme 1. Moreover, the BlissROM is an official build for the device instead of an unofficial port.

This makes it daily-driver friendly since the number of bugs and glitches are drastically reduced when compared to unofficial ports.

The installation process may seem tricky for first-timers. However, the added features one gets is often worth the effort. Moreover, the biggest benefit is that users get to use features that are sometimes limited to the latest Android version.

Thankfully, Realme 1 users are not limited to BlissROM to get the Android 10 features. The Pixel Experience and Experience Plus ROMs also brought Android 10 for the Realme 1 last month. Therefore, Realme 1 users now have multiple Android 10 ROMs to pick from.

Download BlissROM based on Android 10

BlissROM for the Realme 1 can be downloaded from the link below. Users are required to be on build C.49 which is the latest version available. Hence, make sure to update your Realme 1 before proceeding to flash BlissROM on the device.

BlissROM offers a stock Android experience. However, thanks to the range of customization options, users can tweak and personalize settings based on their preferences.

Realme 1
Realme 1

Of course, there are a few bugs present in the BlissROM. Here’s the list of known bugs:

  • SELinux is permissive
  • VoLTE
  • Video codec issues in all Chromium-based browsers.
  • Source

Keep in mind that the list of known bugs does not represent all the bugs that you may come across when using BlissROM on your Realme 1. The developers have provided a set of instructions to follow if a bug is spotted. This will allow the team to iron out any bugs and glitches in future updates.

It’s good to see developers offering support to bring the latest Android version to phones which are no longer supported by the OEM. Although Realme should step up its game and begin offering at least 2 major Android updates for its entire portfolio of devices.

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