Players welcome Brawl Stars move to nerf Sprout

Joshua D'souza Joshua D'souza Apr 15, 2020 Gaming, News

Brawl Stars developed by Supercell is the most played and most popular game on the mobile platform. The five million active players show the immense popularity of the game.

Yesterday, Brawl Stars released out an optional patch that was that brought in a few changes and customizable controls which you can read about here.

Everything was fine until the Championship events began. Players who had unlocked the character Sprout were lucky enough as the character was quite buffed up. Many players had issues and complaints with regard to this particular character.

Here is what a few players on Reddit had to say about the Sprout :

God, Sprout is toxic

Am I the only one that kills sprouts no matter what

Players were definitely upset with Sprout and its powers.

There also goes a Reddit post that wanted Supercell to compensate for their losses because of the Sprout. Cut to now, Supercell has indeed heard the complaints about the sprout and has decided to nerf Sprout. Brawl Stars called in a maintenance break, which brought the good news to the players.


Here is what Brawl Stars said when calling in the break:

Quick maintenance for some #SproutNerf!
Here are the changes:
– Brawlers with invulnerability bubbles can now destroy the walls generated by Hedge
– Decreased Garden Mulcher healing from 3000 to 2000
– Decreased Overgrowth explosion radius effect by 50%


Players did welcome this change happily. Here’s what some of them had to say:

Alright sprout, you had enough.

Best news so far thank you supercell

As a side note, those of you wondering if the black texture glitch that appeared on in-game characters, has been fixed, well nope, the issue is yet to be resolved. Until things get patched up, the workaround is to just restart the game.

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