Dr. Stone 145 introduces stone world cocktails

After winning the bet, Senku and their crew now set the course to the USA through the great-circle route. Since this route will cut their travel time to only 40 days, their provisions will be more than enough to increase rations. And what to do with excess food? Well, a party of course. And that’s the theme of Dr. Stone 145.

Since they already set up a casino on the Perseus, they decided to continue the fun and friendly games. However, the party will not be complete without food and drinks. And that’s where Francois enters the picture. As Ryusui says, Francois’ mantra is to go and beyond when it comes to top this.

Gen Asagiri’s dream of drinking cola became possible in the stone world. So we can expect no less with Senku’s science, and Francois talent and skill in producing cocktails in Dr. Stone 145: Bar Francois. It is a child-friendly bar, however, as they only serve non-alcoholic beverages. Here are some of Francois’ stone world cocktail creations.

Suika’s cocktail: Two-Side Sunshine

Francois made sure to create cocktails that suit not only the preferences, but also the personality of each of her customers.

For Sukia’s cocktail, Francois used Calpico made gum syrup and yogurt made by Senku, and lemon. The recipe for Two-Side Sunshine is as follows:

45 mL Calpico
30 mL Apple Juice
Grated Cucumber
Sliced Cucumber

Tsukasa’s Cocktail: Grenadine and Tonic

Tsukasa’s cocktail is very simple. It is made with only two ingredients suggested in the name.

20 mL Grenadine Syrup
80 mL Tonic Water

It may be simple, but Francois also made it specifically to represent the silently smoldering flames of Tsukasa’s heart.

Kohaku’s cocktail: Piquant Cinderella

Again, the name and ingredients of this cocktail perfectly represent the person it is dedicated to. Kohaku, one of the prettiest maiden in their tribe, is also a formidable warrior. Here is the recipe for her cocktail:

60 mL Ginger Ale
20 mL Orange Juice
30 mL Pineapple Juice
5 mL Lemon Juice
A dash of grated ginger

A perfectly slightly spiced sweet drink with layers of flavor coming from the different juices it was made with.

Gen’s Cocktail: Spicy Cola

From the very beginning, Gen has a fascination with cola. It was enough to bribe him to change sides in a battle once. This time, his cola is made special with chai syrup. Senku made chai syrup by boiling ginger ale with cinnamon. Here is the recipe for Gen’s Spicy Cola.

120 mL Cola
1-2 tsp Chai Syrup
1 slice of Lemon
A pinch of Chili Pepper

Senku’s cocktail: Three-layer Tea Latte

For Senku, Francois made a special three-layered drink, a perfect example of how liquids with different specific gravities interact in a cylindrical container. As Francois describes it, the drink represents the layered, cumulative nature of science. The recipe is as follows:

30 mL Matcha Whip
50 mL Milk
20 mL Hojicha (a Japanese green tea)
2 tsp Gum Syrup

Now, we have some new cocktails to try at home, thanks to Dr. Stone 145.

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Image credits: Dr. Stone offical Twitter account

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