Dr. Stone 145 predictions, spoilers, and release date

After an almost life-threatening poker match with Ryusui, Senku has emerged victorious in the previous chapter. That means the crew will now take the more treacherous, but quicker, great-circle route. Dr. Stone 145 is at hand and we will finally be able to understand the true dangers this route poses to the crew of Perseus.

Some Dr. Stone fans jokingly suggest that one of the challenges the crew will face will be pirates. Given the petrified status of the world, this is highly unlikely. However, highly unlikely situations occur time and again in Senku’s adventures.

While having pirates intercept the Perseus is a long shot, there are more dangers that Senku, Ryusui, and their crew have to face more realistically. First, let us try to understand the dangers to both Senku and Ryusui’s suggested routes. By understanding this, we can anticipate the challenges the crew will face in Dr. Stone 145 and later.

Rhumb line and great-circle route explained

Without a doubt, Senku and Ryusui were both invested in their suggested routes and both for good and smart reasons. To understand more clearly how the two ended up in a poker battle to arrive at a decision, let us review the pros and cons of both options.

Ryusui favored following the rhumb line for their voyage, while Senku preferred the great-circle route. In following the rhumb line, Perseus will travel at a constant bearing relative to the true north. In essence, if the Perseus is traveling to the East, they will only have to follow that direction faithfully throughout the whole voyage.

Great-circle navigation, on the other hand, is a less practical solution given the stone world’s current technology. However, this route will be the shortest course between two points on the surface of the Earth. In an ideal world, the great-circle route is a practical choice. However, this would be more taxing for the crew as they would have to change headings more often.

Dangers of the voyage

Since Senku won, they will now have to take on the great-circle route. The expected downsides of this route were discussed in the previous chapters. These challenges will be seen in Dr. Stone 145. They include some of the following:

  • Since sailing in the great-circle route will be more taxing for the crew, Ryusui demands that rations be doubled. This could reduce their maximum voyage period in half.
  • If Senku could successfully execute his plan, all shall be well. But if problems occur during their voyage, this could pose a real threat including starvation.
  • In chapter 20, Senku realized the Earth’s axis tilted over 3,700 years. This could also affect their navigation for long-distance travel. Even is Senku links up with Ruri in Japan to create a GPS system, or use spherical trigonometry to navigate, there is still that chance that some changes occurred in the Earth’s crust.
  • Lastly, if Senku has been revived naturally, it is possible that the same thing happened to some in other parts of the world.

Dr. Stone 145 release date

This trip may not be as simple as anticipated. Unknown dangers still lurk along the path towards Senku’s quest to advance science in a stone world. And these dangers and challenges will manifest themselves in the upcoming chapter.

Dr. Stone will be officially released on March 29, 2020. Spoilers and raw scans are expected to surface in the next few days.

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