Dr. Stone chapter 139: Senku's next big project - Space travel!

Dr. Stone chapter 139 was just released two days ago and another chapter is on the way. Only three days from now until we get to read Dr. Stone chapter 140. The next chapter will surely blow our minds again as Senku begins his next big project.

In Dr. Stone chapter 139, Why-man’s voice was once again heard. Only this time, his words gave more hints about his nature, purpose, identity and even location. What’s baffling is that Why-man’s voice is undeniably similar to Senku’s.

Who is Why-man?

Everyone was shocked to hear that Why-man’s voice sounded like Senku’s. However, the kingdom of science’s sonar expert, Ukyo Saionji deduced that the voice was synthetic. It was neither recorded nor a live feed, but a synthetic voice that imitated Senku’s.

After some deliberation as to the origin of the voice, Senku and his team decided that it might have some close connection with the petrification device. To learn more about it, they decided to revive someone from an early time who could tell them about the petrification device’s origin.

Origin of Medusa

They chose a petrified man with a symbol on his arm that resembles the petrification device, Medusa. His name is Matsukaze and he told Senku and the rest about how they first encountered the petrification device. According to Matsukaze, a great number of the petrification device rained on their island from the heavens.

This immediately gave Senku an idea to trace the location from which Why-man’s transmission comes from. Using the data they got from the improvised parabolic antenna, they pinpointed the origin of transmission. The signal was not coming from the earth’s surface or atmosphere. The signal came from the moon!

Fly to the moon!

The idea of having an enemy from the moon almost immediately extinguished the hopes of Kohaku. It is indeed impossible to fight against an enemy who is thousands of kilometers away. However, Gen Asagiri instantly realized that Senku would be so bold again to take on this unthinkable feat.

It was immediately confirmed by Senku himself. They are going to the moon. The way I see it, there are several reasons why Senku would want to take on this challenge.

Number one reason is of course to confront Why-man who is probably the person who petrified the whole earth in the first place. However, it has also always been Senku’s dream to build a rocket that would take him to space. But there is one more reason.

Senku is probably intrigued by the familiarity of the voice of Why-man. If we remember, it is also his goal to get to the bottom of everything that happened. He is probably thinking that those people on the moon who caused the global petrification may in some way be related to him. He is an adopted child after all.

We’ll know more when the next chapter comes. Dr. Stone chapter 140 will be officially released on February 21, 2020, in the Weekly Shonen Jump.

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