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Android 10 for the ASUS ROG Phone 2 has had quite the development journey. Users who signed up for the beta program were treated to a whopping 9 Beta updates before the official stable build finally rolled out.

However, it has not exactly been a bed of roses for users who updated to this new build of Android. Users who updated to Android 10 have been facing a slew of issues on their ROG Phone 2.

Asus ROG Phone II

We scrolled through the forums and came across countless issues that users have been reporting and in this post, we shall take a look at some of the major issues that many users have been facing.

Aura lighting with audio wizard still not working

Users of the ASUS ROG Phone 2 have, for a while now, been facing an issue where the Aura lighting wasn’t working right. This issue affected users even on Android 9 Pie. Affected users hoped that the jump to Android 10 would bring a fix to this issue.

Sadly, the Aura light is still just as broken as it was on the previous build of Android. The issue has been acknowledged by a moderator on the ASUS forum but there is still no word from ASUS as to when this is likely to be fixed. Our guess, this should be fixed in the next FOTA.

Missing tablet mode in TwinView Dock

Users who use their ROG Phone 2 with a dock might have noticed that Tablet mode is missing from the TwinView Dock. This results in abnormally huge artifacts on the monitor, making this feature unusable.


Luckily, this feature won’t be missed for too long. According to a moderator on the forum, this feature will come back in the next FOTA.

Google Pixel and AOSP code issue reported to Google

An issue with Android’s Open Source code that results in a choppy scrolling effect that has been affecting ROG Phone 2 users has reportedly been identified.

aosp code issue google

According to moderators on the ASUS forum, the issue has been forwarded to Google. There is no saying when exactly this issue is going to be fixed or when the problem is going to be fixed for the ROG Phone 2.

Overheating issues

A number of ROG Phone 2 users have noted that their devices heat up unexpectedly, even when the device is not exactly under load.

rog phone 2 overheating issue

Others have noted that their devices drain the battery at an unprecedented rate after the update. Efforts to curb this using the built-in power Master app have been futile and many suspect that this could be an issue that runs system deep.

Adobe Lightroom app keeps crashing

Another issue that users have been facing after updating to Android 10 is the fact that Adobe’s photo editing app for Android, Adobe Lightroom keeps crashing.

adobe lightroom crashes

The basic troubleshooting for this kind of problem, which includes clearing app data and reinstalling the app from the Google Play Store has not been effective in solving this problem. It is also unclear whether this is an isolated case of a widespread problem.

When reached out to by other users with similar problems on other apps and games, Asus directed the users to contact the game/app developers over the problem.

Fingerprint scanner on lockscreen is unresponsive

After updating to Android 10, some users have noted that they are now unable to use the fingerprint sensor while on the lock screen.

asus rog phone 2 fingerprint issue

The users have to press the power button to wake the device again before the fingerprint sensor can now be registered. This issue, according to affected users, was not present in the previous Android 9 Pie build for this device.

Gesture navigation not working with 3rd party launchers

Android 10 introduced new gesture-based navigation methods that help users better get around their devices. These iPhone-like gestures have been praised for their simplicity but unfortunately, on the Asus ROG Phone 2, they don’t work right.

This is especially so if a user has a custom launcher installed. Frustrated users would like Asus to make the gesture navigation system to work well with third-party launchers, or make the stock launcher more customizable.

Gesture navigation not working with 3rd party launchers. If not fixable, at least make the stock launcher more customizable.

Real solution for red dot next to software update will come in next FOTA

After updating to Android 10, users have noticed a red dot that is located right next to Software Update. This, Asus says, is “a combination of something you could call a bug (or error in logic) plus issue with the server.”

red dot issue rog phone 2

Affected users are asked to sit tight as a proper fix for this is coming in the next FOTA update to the ROG Phone 2.

Battery issues

Another issue that is closely tied to the overheating issue we covered at the beginning of this post has to do with the ROG Phone 2 after the update to Android 10.

Many users who have updated to Android 10 have reported battery life that is considerably poorer than the one they had on Android 9 Pie.

battery life android 10 rog phone 2

According to users, the battery life on Android 10 is bad compared to Android 9. One user notes that after 12 hours since the last full charge and with 7 hours of Screen-on-Time at 120Hz, on Android 9, he would still have 50%. On Android 10, he would have only 15%. That is some drastically poorer battery life.

It is not uncommon to have an update bring up these many issues to a device. Also, after such a big software update, users are better off performing a Factory reset on their devices as some of these bugs are often brought about by the incompatibility of apps between different versions of Android.

Asus might want to push out an update soon to fix these issues that the ROG Phone 2 users are complaining about.

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Update 1 (April 17,2020)

The ROG Phone 2 has picked up its first update post the Android 10 with multiple bug fixes. Head here for the complete coverage.

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