The modern stone world of Senku and his friends is now about to have another major leap in technological advances. And now that the strongest primate has been revived, they can finally make the long preparations. The first glimpse of which we can see when Dr. Stone 142 spoilers will be out in a few days.

Senku and his team have finally pinpointed that their ultimate enemy, the Why-man is on the moon. He is not only their enemy, but of the whole humankind as he threatens to petrify the world. For that reason, they would have to take on the challenge of space travel.

Senku’s roadmap to space travel

Every time Senku thinks of assembling a modern tech, he draws a roadmap with all the required materials and processes. With his advanced knowledge in science and technology, he was able to create things that seem impossible for others.

His upcoming project, however, will be much more difficult, and the roadmap will be much longer and comprehensive. This might be the first thing we will see in Dr. Stone 142 spoilers. According to NASA, there are five essential technologies needed to travel to space and back to earth safely. Senku could use this list as a guide.

Systems to live and breath

As humans travel farther from Earth for longer missions, the systems that keep them alive must be highly reliable while taking up minimal mass and volume.

This will be the first challenge for Senku. He will have to be able to store enough oxygen for at least three people. Not to mention the tour to the moon will take about three days and another three days back. Furthermore, they have no idea how long it will take to defeat Why-man.

Proper propulsion

The farther into space a vehicle ventures, the more capable its propulsion systems need to be to maintain its course on the journey with precision and ensure its crew can get home.

Ryusui Nanami may be one of the best navigators in sea travel, but space travel is different. In chapter 140 he insisted that he will pilot the spacecraft that Senku will build. He might be able to create a good propulsion system, but it will take a professional pilot to control it. So I guess Senku will have to revive one.

The Ability to Hold Off the Heat

Going to the Moon is no easy task, and it’s only half the journey. The farther a spacecraft travels in space, the more heat it will generate as it returns to Earth. Getting back safely requires technologies that can help a spacecraft endure speeds 30 times the speed of sound and heat twice as hot as molten lava or half as hot as the sun.

This will be the second biggest challenge for Senku. But I’m sure he knows where to find the right material for such a challenge.

Radiation Protection

As a spacecraft travels on missions beyond the protection of Earth’s magnetic field, it will be exposed to a harsher radiation environment than in low-Earth orbit with greater amounts of radiation from charged particles and solar storms that can cause disruptions to critical computers, avionics, and other equipment. Humans exposed to large amounts of radiation can experience both acute and chronic health problems ranging from near-term radiation sickness to the potential of developing cancer in the long-term.

Constant Communication and Navigation

Spacecraft venturing far from home go beyond the Global Positioning System (GPS) in space and above communication satellites in Earth orbit.

So far, Senku has already built an impressive communication system. With a little tweaking, he was able to boost its reach to pinpoint the source of Why-man transmission. Now, he needs to beef it up a little more for more efficient communication.

Dr. Stone 142 spoilers will be available in a day or two. The official chapter will be released on March 8, 2020, in the 15th issue of Weekly Shonen Jump.

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