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Android 10 has been out for many months now in its official form. However, updates on Android are not as immediate as they are on say, Apple. These updates have to go through OEMs (Samsung, Huawei, Realme, etc) before they can finally hit devices.

Carrier devices are also worse as they have to wait for the update from the OEMs, make their own changes and modifications before the update can finally hit the devices. This case is playing out for the T-Mobile Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy S9.

note 9
Galaxy Note 9

Many variants of the Galaxy S9 have already been updated to Android 10. You can read more on the global status of Android 10 rollout to the Galaxy S9 here. Many regional variants of the Galaxy Note 9 have also been updated to Android 10, including many U.S carrier variants.

However, one carrier variant has been conspicuously missing from the updated device list, T-Mobile. The company has lagged behind so much and users of these Samsung devices are a frustrated lot.

We have since seen the company come out to confirm that it is hard at work in an effort to push out this update to its users as soon as possible. Earlier plans by the company to roll out Android 10 to its Note 9 users starting from February 2 fell through, further adding to users’ frustrations.

Android 10 Timelines for Note 9 that fell through (Source)

Most recently, we saw reports that the tentative date of the update for the Note 9 and S9 from T-Mobile was February 23. The update is thought to be tied to the rollout of DIGITS , a new T-Mobile-branded app.

The notice suggested that the device would get an update on January 23, 2020 which was clearly an error since the notice was published towards the end of January.

tmobile android 10
T-Mobile Note 9 Android 10 (Source)

Well, T-Mobile has since corrected that page to reflect February 23. This means that if all factors are held constant, T-Mobile users should see an update on February 23. This could bring the much-awaited Android 10 update to both the T-Mobile Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy S9 family.

t mobile android 10
T-Mobile DIGITS set to launch on Feb 23 (Source)

For now, it is fingers crossed for T-Mobile users that the company does not blow past the set date.

Update 1 (Feb 24)

T-Mobile’s software page for Galaxy Note 9 is down at the moment. Is this indicative the arrival of Android 10?

Update 2 (Feb 24)

Going by the latest information coming from T-Mobile support, One UI 2.0/ Android 10 has been released for Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 9 devices.

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