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Do you have an iPhone? Did you migrate from Android? In case you did, you can probably reminisce the first few weeks. It might have been difficult for you to get along with the whole ecosystem with limited customisation options.

Setting the price aside, the main advantage of having an Android device is numerous options to change the default features. In order to gain an elated level of privilege, you can even go through a few steps to root the phone.
Android rooting

Jailbreaking is the iOS counterpart of rooting for Android. In short, you just take advantage of loopholes in the platform with the help of third-party tools to dig deep into the filesystem and eliminate the manufacturer-imposed restrictions.

As we always say, you should choose the tools carefully because not a single one works with all the OS versions. Owing to the changes Apple makes, every iteration comes out with less number of vulnerabilities to exploit.

You know! There are three types of jailbreaks- tethered, semi tethered, and untethered. The first two need you to load the system modifications at every reboot while the last one doesn’t. With the release of iOS 13, chekra1n has been trending among the users and it’s a semi-tethered jailbreak.

What if you don’t want to use the PC at all? Well, we have already reported about an upcoming battery case and a jailbreak dongle based on Raspberry Pi. Guess what! We have got our eyes hooked on another one today.

checkra1n raspberry pi zero jailbreak dongle
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It’s an open-source Raspberry Pi Zero based jailbreak dongle with a screen. Meaning, you can see the details of the whole procedure on the screen. The maker has shared on Reddit that he will sell it for 50 EUR as a plug and play solution. Read the pros and cons below.

1. SUPER tiny!
2. Looks awesome
3. Always up-to-date function (optional)
4. Can be used without a PC and without internet anywhere due to the battery
5. Can be setup from Windows, Linux or MacOS. You just need to add software to the SD card
1. Can be used “only” 10 or 20 times until you need to charge the dongle again
2. You’ll have to build it yourself. But there won’t be any soldering, plus I’m trying to pick parts that make this build as ‘plug and play’ as possible
3. Can’t release yet, obviously
1. Add linux version of Checkra1n
2. Add a “safe shutdown” button. To shutdown the dongle safely after jailbreaking. Or make it auto-shutdown after jailbreaking is done.
3. Add “if power goes below 10%, shutdown and/or prevent power-on”.
4. Make a nice 3D printable case

raspberry pi zero checkra1n jailbreak dongle
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Update 1 (Feb 23)

So yeah, after three months, the developer has broken his shell and come out with the final version. Dubbed as Ra1nbox, you can either buy or build it yourself. Both the options are available on the official site. Check the video tutorial below.

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