Turn your Raspberry Pi into a checkra1n jailbreak dongle using Cumbox

You know Apple doesn’t share their software with anyone else. They want to keep their ecosystem so closed that iOS is available only for the in-house devices. Moreover, you can’t customise many things as an iPhone user.

Android is quite the opposite in this regard. Used by hundreds of manufacturers around the globe, it offers an elated level of personalisation. In case the default options to don’t fulfil your customisation needs, you can unlock many hidden features through a process called rooting.
Android rooting

There is a similar process available for iOS too. Known as jailbreaking, it helps the users bring out many attributes hidden on regular OS. For a company like Apple, intruding into their ecosystem is obnoxious. So, they fix the vulnerabilities with each update.

Guess what! The developers always find a way to jailbreak the platform no matter what! The Cupertino-based OEM released iOS 13 in September. And, consumers were craving for a method to jailbreak the new version ever since.

Impatiently, many got themselves into trouble through fake iOS 13 jailbreaking websites including a replica of checkra1n. In case you are not aware, it is a tool that uses checkm8 vulnerability to modify the bootrom and load a jailbroken image onto the phone.
checkra1n vulnerability

Its beta version went live a couple of days ago. Unfortunate for the users that it only supports macOS now. The developers promised to extend the support for Windows and Linux in the upcoming builds. You can read the changelog of the latest version below.

What’s new
Fixed an issue where the Apple Watch would not receive notifications while jailbroken
Improve reliablity of entering DFU mode
Fixed an issue where checkra1n could not be used on macOS 10.10

What if you don’t have MacBooks? Well, you can still use chekra1n with the help of a Raspberry Pi. Yesterday, a Python script has surfaced online that turns your Raspberry into a checkra1n dongle. How can you use that?

To run cumbox, you will need to install git and python, you can do this with sudo apt install git python python-rpi.gpio.
Once you’ve done that, you need to plug a jumper wire into GPiO pin 7, and another into the ground pin.
Don’t know where those are? Click here for an image for raspberry 2’s, 3’s, and 4’s.
Run the sudo install-cumbox.sh script to install cumbox and its service. Please note that cumbox uses ipwndfu instead of checkra1n as it is not available for Linux currently.
To run it silently without enabling it on startup, run sudo systemctl start cumbox, if you want it to start at startup, run sudo systemctl enable cumbox and reboot.
To run it with logs, run python /opt/cumbox/cumbox.py

checkra1n jailbreak ios

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