[Sixth hotfix] NVIDIA Shield TV 2019 fifth hotfix update goes live with Dolby Vision fixes & more

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Original story (from Feb 16) follows:

Many use NVIDIA Shield TV as a means to make their television smart. In order to minimise the number of bugs, they release updates quite often. Those who want to up the ante can grab hotfix overhauls, though the builds aren’t fully certified.

If you want to jump on the hotfix (beta) channel, you need to fill a Google form. Once you go beta, you can’t get back to the stable route no matter how bad you want. To recall, the fourth hotfix update went live about a month ago.

NVIDIA Shield TV Tube 2019

Currently circulating is the fifth one in the hotfix channel. However, the changelog isn’t as lengthy as that of its predecessor. Carrying the build number 32.7.301.95, it improves volume control for 2015 remote and controller, brings Dolby Vision fixes, and more.

Fifth HotFix(32.7.301.95):
– Fixes an issue of stutters & cracking sound with few headphones when dolby processing is enabled
– Improves volume control for 2015 remote and controller
– Fixes and issue where Google home commands would cause the volume to lower but not be raised after the command is completed
– Fixes an issue of System hang while enable/disable “Match content color space” on DV playback in Netflix
– Includes incremental Dolby vision fixes
– Fixes an issue where interlaced video playback exhibits stutters after 13minutes of playback
– Adds work around to enable DV on a few LG and Samsung sound bars which don’t advertise DV support but seem to work.

NVIDIA Shield TV 2019 fifth hotfix update changelog
Fifth hotfix update changelog (Source)

Bear in mind that this hotfix hits your Shield TV 2019 only after you submit the serial number through the given form. Decided to give it a go? Before you do that, have a look at the official warnings NVIDIA has published on the forum.

Caveats of the HotFix process:
1. There is no way to roll back from the HotFix.
2. There is no way to leave the HotFix process once you join it.
3. HotFix images are not fully certified. The next official release will have all certifications. The negative side affect we’ve noticed from this so far are:
a. You won’t be able to install or update Disney+ from the Playstore if you haven’t installed it yet or do a Factory reset on this image.
b. HD Homerun DRM channels will not work.

Update 1 (Feb 19)

Roughly, five days after releasing fifth hotfix update, NVIDIA has started rolling out the sixth one to Shield TV 2019 with a short changelog, which you can read below.

Sixth HotFix(32.7.301.98):
– Resolves issue with high bit rate audio dropping audio at fixed locations. Note: This fixes will apply to apps using SHIELDs audio engine like Plex/Photos & Videos. Kodi has it’s own engine which has not fixed this bug yet so the fix will not apply to Kodi and apps like it.

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