SBS volume 95 was released in Japan on December 28, 2019. This was another great opportunity for fans to ask Oda about certain things. The highlight of this volume I think is the revelation of what flower and animal represent each Worst Generation character.

This revelation was prompted by a question of one fan wondering about it. Oda gracefully answered this question with what he thinks best represents each worst gen character. Oda’s answers caught the attention of some fans who think there must be a deeper meaning or reason as to why Oda chose those representations.

Flower and animal representing the worst gen characters

Here is the list of the worst generation characters with their flower and animal representation as posted on Reddit’s SBS volume 95 mega thread.

1. Luffy – Sunflower + Monkey
2. Kid – Tulip + Fighting Bull
3. Law – Dutchman’s Pipe Cactus + Snow Leopard
4. Teach – Red Spider Lily + Hippo
5. Zoro – Wisteria + Shark
6. Killer – Snowdrop + Weasel
7. Hawkins – Black Lily + Horse
8. Boney – Freesia + Deer
9. Capone – Rose + Koala
10. Urouge – Common Daisy + Elephant
11. Apoo – Poppy + Orangutan
12. Drake – Gentiana + Allosaurus

Possible meanings

Some fans did not let this opportunity pass to try and figure out the possible meaning of these representations. They are particularly interested in Teach’s flower, the Red Spider Lily. The red spider lily, also known as hell flower, red magic lily, or equinox flower, is originally from China, Korea, and Nepal, which was then introduced to Japan.

According to a Reddit user’s comment on this thread, red spider lilies are associated with goodbyes. Also in old Buddhist writings, the res spider lily is said to guide the dead through samsara, a Sanskrit word associated with the cycle of life. This does not tell us much, but the characteristics or history, or mythological details of this flower may explain some part of Teach’s personality or nature.

This could be another hint to understanding how Teach is able to control two devil fruits. For example, if we consider the other term for this flower, which is the equinox flower, we might get something. Equinox is a biannual astrological event when the Earth’s equator passes through the center of the sun making the day and night approximately equal in length.

The Dutchman’s pipe cactus

Another flower that caught my interest is Law’s Dutchman’s pipe cactus. It is also known as the lady of the night or queen of the night because of its specific characteristics. It is native to Southern Mexico extending to areas in South America. However, it is also the most cultivated species of cactus in tropical areas like Southeast Asia.

Like many types of cactus, Dutchman’s pipe cactus also blooms flowers. However, they only bloom rarely and it only happens at night and the flower wilts by dawn. This could suggest some of Law’s characteristics. He is the type of person who always plans regardless of the length of time for the execution of the plan.

This is evident in his plans in taking down Doflamingo. However, it is also bothering to think that this has some relation to his devil fruit ability. As we all know, Law’s ope-ope no mi can make someone immortal in exchange for his life. This could mean that we might ultimately see that happening in the future.

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