Wish you had iPhone-like app switcher on iPad? iFaded jailbreak tweak to your rescue

You know Apple has proprietary firmware only for their in-house gadgets. Owing to their reluctance to open the doors extensively to customising needs, we have to take the unofficial route of jailbreaking for altering the default options.

With the help of a compatible tool, you can gain access to advanced privileges, which will then help you transform your iDevice, be it iPhone or iPad. In case you are not aware, we have already published more than half a dozen stories on the trending checkra1n.

checkra1n vulnerability

On the contrary to what you get on the regular platform, number of options jailbreaking brings you is unlimited. For example, on a jailbroken iDevice, you can add widgets directly on the lock screen, activate true always on display, and even enable an always on VPN.

Despite coming out from the same manufacturer, iPhone and iPad run on two different operating systems. The former has iOS whereas the latter, iPadOS, with some core changes from its small-screen counterpart.

Let me put this into perspective with a small example. The appearance of app switcher on iPhone and iPad are quite distinct. iPhone presents apps for multitasking in a similar manner as that of stock Android whereas iPad does it plane and simple.

Have you ever wished for an iPhone-like app switcher on iPad? There are numerous jailbreak tweaks available to help you do the other way (iPad-like on iPhone). But today, we could stumble upon a solution in the form of new iFaded tweak (supports iOS 10 and above).

ifaded jailbreak tweak

Do you want to grab it right away? Unfortunately, there is no landing page available, from where you can directly add the tweak to Cydia or any other package manager. So, you need to manually add the repo URL (https://repo.twickd.com/) into sources.

To recall, MilkyWay2 & Backgrounder Action2 for CCSupport are two other tweaks to help you with multitasking. Once you have those, using applications in windowed mode becomes possible on both iOS and iPadOS.

Note:- Do not forget to check out our iOS section for more tweaks.

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