Photo storage issue on HTC U12+ after Android Pie update surfaces, company investigating

Motorola might be the first OEM to manufacture a mobile phone. But the feat of being the first Android phone goes to HTC Dream (known also as the T-Mobile G1 and Era G1). However at present, they are way behind other vendors in popularity.

That is the reason we are not seeing frequent smartphone releases from them now. The intrusion of value for money Chinese smartphones into the market literally killed the scope for manufacturers like HTC, Sony, and LG.

htc u12+
HTC U12+

‘U’ is HTC’s flagship lineup just like ‘S’ is for Samsung. Last year in June, U12+ went live with some solid specifications like Snapdragon 845 chipset, stereo speakers, etc. Still, the pricing wasn’t quite right as compared to other counterparts.

Despite the current scenario, the company does have a small user-base and some of them are experiencing a weird bug. Having been looked into it closely, we got to know the U12+ customers are unable to find captured images (user post from Taiwanese forum) in the gallery.

HTC u12+ photo storage
Translated from Taiwanese

The issue looks like quite ambiguous. For some, the pictures are not appearing inside the photo album at all. But for some others, after hitting the shutter button, it’s taking quite long to finish the processing. Then again, the lengthy affair doesn’t even end up saving the pictures.

Not only is the slow storage of photos sometimes leading to lost photos or corrupted files, I also found that photos taken horizontally when taken upright to be shared to Line, photos are displayed horizontally in albums or selected before sharing, but if you use a computer or Viewing photos with archivist is horizontal!
This phenomenon will only occur when viewing files with a computer before the update, others will not,but only the FB and albums will remain after the update.
(Translated from Taiwanese)

HTC U12+ photo storage bug

To recall HTC U12+ got Android Pie update in August. Moreover in December, the OEM pushed another incremental OTA too. Possibly, that might have brought the menace to the units. And, the company officials are aware of this bug (send a glance below)

Hello, the situation you have reported has been transferred to the relevant internal units for understanding, thank you!

Additionally, some are facing camera bugs exclusively on the IM app, LINE. For them, it’s a herculean task to send vertical straight photos whereas doing it horizontally isn’t creating any troubles. Interestingly, changing the depository to internal storage has done the magic for a few.

Given the company has started investigating the trouble, we hope they will acknowledge it and possibly roll out a fix via an over the air overhaul. Don’t forget to check this story often if you want to know the progress.

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