A jailbroken iPhone in your hands puts no boundaries to the level of customisation. It helps you transcend the restrictions imposed by the Cupertino tech giant to keep their ecosystem closed. But, jailbreaking isn’t a walk in the park!

For starters, it voids the warranty. Moreover, I recommend you not to go around it without an expert supervision. In case you fail to find someone, spend time online researching about the process. FYI, the most popular jailbreaking tool right now is checkra1n.

checkra1n vulnerability

The support for iOS 13 and the incurability of its exploit (checkm8) made checkra1n a people’s favourite. As we are awaiting the Linux version, a new beta already went live with Apple TV support. And, we could find a method to use the jailbreak on Windows too.

You know once you succeed in the procedure, personalisation becomes easier as there are multiple iOS jailbreak tweaks available to match your interest. So, have you ever thought of limiting the network connection or location access for a specific app?

Imagine you have a small daily internet quota. So, what happens when you start consuming YouTube from mobile data while you think you are using a WiFi connection? It’s going to empty your talk time and no one wants it to happen, right?

Well, we have got NetworkDisabler jailbreak tweak to help you evade this awkward situation. It helps you control Wi-Fi / Cellular Data / Location Services / Airplane Mode for individual apps. Meaning, the selected connectivity option will go idle on launching a blacklisted app.
disable cellular data jailbreak tweak

NetworkDisabler v1.0.0 – Adding Location Services and Airplane Mode Settings and More! (Free)
*Compatible with iOS 10, 11, 12 and 13
*Support for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
*Turns off Wi-Fi / Cellular Data / Location Services / Turn on Airplane Mode automatically when the selected application is started.
*You can turn features on or off from CCSupport or Flipswitch.
*If you disable the app’s network, you can still enable other network communications.
*You can do this by using the “Use Wi-Fi” function. If you don’t want to disable the entire cellular network, you can turn off individual apps from the “Cellular” by Settings app and the networks running in the background will work.
*Set it to your desired setting.
mobilesubstrate, preferenceloader, applist

wifi jailbreak tweak

The latest update brought iOS 13 support with location service and airplane mode toggles. When another overhaul goes live, you can see it as an update at the bottom here.

Note:- Stay tuned to our iOS section for more jailbreak tweaks.

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