Wish you could jailbreak using only the browser? Google Chrome based checkm8 wrapper is in work

The first few weeks of switching from Android to iOS are daunting! Ask anyone from your acquaintances. Users just feel like having been tied up due to a number of limitations. Yeah, Apple wants many default options to be the way they set them up.

But you know! Not everyone can live with the restrictions over their heads. And that’s how jailbreaking came into existence. It simply is a process of sneaking into the filesystem of the platform in order to gain privileges, which are otherwise barred.
ios 13 jailbreak

You must know, jailbreaking isn’t easy. It ain’t! One has to go through a series of nerdy steps to finally arrive at a place of infinite customizing possibilities. What’s currently popular among jailbreak enthusiasts is checkra1n, a tool that takes advantage of checkm8 to exploit.

The paramount aspect that made checkra1n popular is the incurability of the exploit it uses. Being a bootrom vulnerability, the OEM can’t fix this via an over the air firmware overhaul. In case you are not aware, we are awaiting the Linux version.

As of now, the official support is only available for macOS. You can use ra1nstorm to run the tool on Windows machines though. But, have you ever thought of using checkm8 exploit on Google Chrome for jailbreaking? Think about it for a moment!

Owing to the browser’s wide availability, you can literally chuck the operating system barrier away. But will it ever go live? Well, we could spot a tweet that said Chrome WebUSB port of a checkm8 exploit is going to come out soon.

checkm8 google chrome browser

So that means, you need to connect your iDevice using a USB cable. With that being said, we don’t know any ETA at this moment. But, once we have the details, you can see an update to this story at the bottom.

Have you already jailbroken your iPhone/iPad using checkra1n? Then L1ghtning (GitHub) is going to cheer you up. Went live today, that is an all-in-one recovery utility with a handful of features. It’s only the beta version and hiccups are expected.

• Exit respring loop
• Fix Cydia crashes
• Uninstall Cydia
• Respring
• Safe mode
• Reboot
• UICache
• Get your device’s identifier, type, and iOS version
• Have your device’s local and public IP addresses
• Get a list of all your installed tweaks
• Remove any tweak without a package manager

L1ghtning checkm8 checkra1n

A setup backup/restore tool is coming to the next version that helps you update iOS without losing the jailbreak setup. Moreover, a feature to install tweaks will also find its way to the upcoming build.

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