BREAKING: Codemasters apparently fixed the GRID crashing issue on Google Stadia

A few weeks ago, renowned video game developer Codemasters launched its popular car racing game GRID on PC, Microsoft Xbox One, and Sony PlayStation 4. The latest platform to gain support for GRID is Google Stadia, which arrived less than two weeks ago.

The game brings a perfect blend of arcade-style racing and simulation alongside a nemesis system and a myriad of unique AI personalities (400) within the game. With all these, you can rest assured that each GRID race will feel genuinely different every time you play.


Even before Stadia went live, Codemasters had already confirmed that GRID on Stadia will offer an experience like no other platform, with up to 40 cars on the track at the same time.

Apparently, this is not possible on other hardware, which makes up for a case for playing GRID on Stadia. Matter of fact, you can expect stunning pictures of GRID on your home TV using Stadia, but this doesn’t mean all is well for GRID players on Google’s video game streaming platform.

Career mode is broken. The game glitches and crashes after completing the first race (on display of position and rewards). I have recreated this error several times and it does not seem to affect other modes. I have requested a refund as the game was very expensive and I would rather buy another one to try out on Stadia if GRID is broken.

Anyone playing GRID and getting this? When I play career mode and do my first race in the Touring class (and win), the game crashes, kicks me out, and I never get my winnings or save progress. Infuriating!

GRID crashing issue on Stadia (Source)

For several days now, reports of the GRID crashing issue on Stadia have popped up on various platforms that include Reddit and the official Codemasters forums. But unlike the Final Fantasy XV issues on Stadia, the developer of GRID came out to acknowledge the issue and promised to fix it.

– The issue is most probably related to leaderboard entry numbers, meaning it wouldn’t specific to, or triggered by, any particular hardware/options you’re using, and it’s not specific to one Career event. Work is underway on a fix for this, which will then require testing, submission and certification. Our (ambitious) target is to have a fix ready to put out by the end of the week, but that’s not set in stone. I’ll update this thread whenever there’s more news. Apologies again to anyone experiencing issues with GRID on Stadia. Thank you.

The company even went ahead and made a follow-up statement on the same, something every affected person should be loving to see.

We have a build that aims to address the crashing issue and have been testing today ahead of submitting the build to Google for approval. If all goes to plan we should be able to deploy this by the end of the week. Whenever there’s news on this, we’ll keep you posted. Thank you.

And as promised, the GRID crashing issue on Stadia seems to have been addressed. Unlike the typical bug-fixing updates that come in over the air, the GRID crashing issue on Stadia seems to have been addressed from the server-side.

GRID crashing issue on Stadia fixed (Source)

Since this is a server-wide update, the adaptation of the fix will happen in waves, so don’t fret if you are still experiencing the crashing issue on your Stadia when playing GRID. The said fix is almost here.

Have fun racing!

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