[Fixed] Google Stadia's Final Fantasy XV save & Comrades crashing bugs surface, former's workaround inside

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Original story (published on November 28, 2019) follows:

The launch of Google Stadia is the company announcing that it has one foot into the future of gaming. However, like you would expect from a debuting product, Stadia still feels like a massive gamble as the technology doesn’t seem to be ready.

Google Stadia reviews have been flying around and from the look of things, the game streaming service isn’t what was promised. Forbes describes it as “an intriguing yet deeply flawed system” while The Verge thinks Stadia “is still just a beta.”

PiunikaWeb readers will have already come across our coverage on overheating Chromecast Ultra & laptops when connected to Stadia.

Google stadia chromecast ultra

We also came across reports that one of Stadia’s limitation can be bypassed, allowing just about every Android user to access the service and not just select Google Pixel phones.

Today, we have fresh reports about a couple of annoying bugs that Stadia players are experiencing when playing Final Fantasy XV.

After about fourteen hours of game time my file game corrupted, and I can no longer save or autosave no matter which file i try to load. I can’t even save a new game. I reached out to Google support, and they said there is an error with the developer port. I am now reaching out to square enix, but I dont know how reliable that will be. Unfortunately, Google will not refund the game, as save file corruption does not classify as defective.

I am playing final fantasy xv, but when I want to save I got this message! Help me please i don’t want to lose my progress. Someone tips?

Below is the error that Stadia Final Fantasy XV players see on their screens when attempting to save their playing progress.

Could not save game. Play will continue, but current progress is not saved.

Stadia Final Fantasy XV save bug (Source)

Unless you had played under 2 hours, Google won’t refund what you paid for the Final Fantasy XV game. Even more frustrating is that neither Google nor Square Enix has been of any significant help to those who sought their help, with both happy to throw the blame at each other.

Square Enix and Google on the Stadia Final Fantasy XV save bug (Source)

While we wait for the official communication (and fix) from whoever is concerned, someone has what looks like a whacky workaround but based on some of the responses, it seemingly fixes the save bug.

I slept in a trailer first, got the error on waking when it tried to auto save. Hopped in the car and drove to a campsite nearby. Camped. When I woke up it gave me the error again when it tried to auto save, but then I tried manually saving it and worked.

Temporary fix for Stadia Final Fantasy XV save bug (Source)

Makes no sense… But your steps totally seem to be working for me! THANK YOU! You saved me!

Thank you so much it worked I was able to save! You are a hero!

It’s possible that the above workaround might not work for every affected Final Fantasy XV player on Stadia, but it’s worth trying unless you are okay with losing hours of gameplay.

For those thinking of venturing into one of the DLCs, the Final Fantasy XV: Comrades, there is even more to worry about. Apparently, the DLC is inaccessible and reportedly crashes on Stadia.

I’m trying to play Final Fantasy XV’s Comrades expansion, but it crashes at the same point after the first cut-scene when you get out of the truck. Is anyone else having this issue? Here’s a video of the crash, it can be recreated on every attempt


The exact same thing is happening to me as well. Would be nice if we could get a confirmation on when this will be fixed. Really wanna play online.

I thought this issue was just me. It happened to me a few nights ago. I’m able to create my character but as soon as I get off the truck to fight daemons in the beginning, it crashes. I hope Square Enix can fix the issue soon.

Unlike the save bug, there is no workaround for the Final Fantasy XV: Comrades crashing bug, but we do hope that Square Enix will address the issue pretty soon.

Are you experiencing any of these bugs on Google Stadia? Share with us in your comments below.

Update (December 3, 2019)

Apparently, Square Enix doesn’t know if or when the save bug for those playing Final Fantasy XV on Google Stadia will be addressed. As you wait, the company has suggested a rather generic workaround. Details here.

Update 2 (December 6, 2019)

The Google Stadia team says the Final Fantasy XV save bug has been fixed. A bunch of affected players of the game has also confirmed that indeed the issue has been fixed, but there is still no word on the Final Fantasy XV: Comrades issue. Details here.

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