BREAKING: Custom kernel & kext loading to come soon via checkra1n jailbreak

In a user’s perspective, what is the one significant aspect that puts Android way ahead of iOS? Setting price of devices aside, it’s the customisation. You can tinker with the settings to change almost all the built-in options on Android.

However, on the other side, iOS doesn’t let you do the same. You can’t simply change everything on the platform to the way you like. So, the personalisation freaks get around the concern by jailbreaking their iPhone/iPad.
ios 13 jailbreak

For starters, jailbreaking is a process by which one can gain access to the filesystem in order to fetch advanced level of control over the OS. Even so, you can’t just wake up one morning and jailbreak your iPhone just like that.

First, you need to decide on the tool you use and the vulnerability it’s going to exploit. Depending upon the iOS version you have, the tools subject to change. There’s no universal tool for you to jailbreak all the iterations.

The currently trending jailbreaking tool is checkra1n. It has support for iOS 12.3 and above. Moreover, we have already reported it could be used on Apple TV 4K as well. As an icing on the cake, the developers announced the next update will bring support for old devices.

checkra1n vulnerability

Today, the man behind checkra1n has made another earth shattering announcement. If what he is talking about turns out successful, we will see support for loading custom kernels and kexts after the jailbreak.

checkra1n custom kernels

What can kexts do? You may ask! In short, it will help you increase the usability of your iPad or iPhone by adding more features. The following is a short list of examples to understand the capabilities of custom kernel extensions (kexts).

  • iPad allows connecting MIDI keyboards, iPhone doesn’t because it lacks that Kext.
  • Connecting a flash drive to an iPad creates a block device. iPhone doesn’t have that Kext.
  • Connecting a FAT flash drive to an iPad on iOS 7 and below actually mounted it into /mnt for reading AND writing. Then Apple scrapped the FAT Kext.
  • (Source)

    Not only these, with the help of custom kernels, you can achieve many things that a regular iDevice can’t. But, we don’t have any exact timeframe as to when the feature goes live. Once it happens, you can see it as an update below.

    Note:- Stay tuned to our iOS section for similar stories.

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