Pokemon Go : Galar region (Generation VIII) Pokemon coming to the game, leak suggests

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‘Pokemon Sword and Shield’ game is finally out on the Nintendo Switch platform. The game has been set up in the Galar region & it has added many new Pokemon to Pokedex, you can check its complete list by heading here.

Pokemon Sword and Shield have also added Galarian forms to the game, you can learn more about Galarian forms by heading here. Leaks regarding the arrival of Galar region Pokemon to Pokemon Go were flourishing from the last few months.

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Now a new leak from prominent data miner Chrales suggests that a few Galar region Pokemon will soon be seen in Pokemon Go. Have a look at the image that has been leaked by Chrales down below. The addition of these Galarian forms might be done to celebrate the launch of Sword & Shield and for the promotion of the game.

Pokemon Sword and Shield

As per the leaked image, the following Galarian Pokemon will become part of the Pokemon Go game: Galarian Weezing, Galarian Zigzagoon, Galrian Linoone. Apart from that, new avatar items will also be added to the game soon.

A group of data miners named Pokeminers has also revealed a data-mined code that adds more weight to the addition of Galarian Pokemon to the game. Have a look at the data mined code down below.

Assets for Weezing, Zizgagoon, and Linoone just updated for Galar forms:

“bundleName”: “pm0110_31”,
“bundleName”: “pokemon_icon_110”,

“bundleName”: “pm0263_31”,
“bundleName”: “pokemon_icon_263”,

“bundleName”: “pm0264_31”,
“bundleName”: “pokemon_icon_264”,

New costume items incoming for SS – probably Sword and Shield:

“bundleName”: “f_hat_ss_0_bundle_icon”,
“bundleName”: “f_shirt_ss_0_bundle_icon”,
“bundleName”: “f_backpack_ss_0_bundle_icon”,
“bundleName”: “f_shoes_ss_0_bundle_icon”,
“bundleName”: “f_backpack_ss_bundle”,
“bundleName”: “f_hat_ss_bundle”,
“bundleName”: “f_shoes_ss_bundle”,
“bundleName”: “f_shirt_ss_bundle”,

“bundleName”: “m_hat_ss_bundle”,
“bundleName”: “m_shoes_ss_bundle”,
“bundleName”: “m_pants_ss_0_bundle_icon”,
“bundleName”: “m_hat_ss_0_bundle_icon”,
“bundleName”: “m_pants_ss_bundle”,
“bundleName”: “m_shirt_ss_0_bundle_icon”,
“bundleName”: “m_shoes_ss_0_bundle_icon”,
“bundleName”: “m_backpack_ss_0_bundle_icon”,
“bundleName”: “m_shirt_ss_bundle”,
“bundleName”: “m_backpack_ss_bundle”,

Chrales & Pokeminers leaks have gone accurate many times, but we should only take these leaks with a grain of salt as they can’t be believed true for sure until official news arrives for it. However, players will surely be excited about the arrival of Galarian Pokemon to the game.

Pokemon Sword and Shield

Apart from this, Regigigas will be available as an EX raid boss starting from November 18 and until January 7, 2020. However, according to an official tweet, players who received an EX Raid Pass on November 9 will encounter Regigigas.

If they have received an EX Raid Pass prior to that date, players will encounter Mewtwo.

A Colossal Discovery

For a quick refresher, Pokemon Go November Community Day will go live on November 16, 2019, from 11 am to 2 pm in your local time zone. It will feature the fire-type starter Pokemon, Chimchar. The community day also features a variety of bonuses for players which include the following:

1/4 Egg Hatch distance & 3 hours lures.

Chimchar Community Day

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