YouTube bug looping videos in playlist comes to light

YouTube is the most popular video-sharing platform today. The Google-owned platform has more than 2 billion active monthly users across the globe who watch over 250 million hours of videos per day.

Of the over 250 million hours watched every day, over 300 of them are uploaded every single minute.

Some YouTube stats (Source)

This tells you just how much of a huge watching database YouTube has and to get the most out of the service, the company has built some incredible features into the app, both the web and mobile versions.

Not long ago, reports started showing up with claims that YouTube for desktop was experiencing an issue related to the Watch Later feature.


Apparently, this feature has disappeared for some users, meaning it’s now a painful process doing simple things like clearing watched content from one’s Watch Later list or even editing the list to one’s preferences.

On the brighter side, an official workaround has already been found, so if you are still missing the Remove Watched button under the Watch Later option, check out the workaround here.

After fixing the Watch Later bug, you might have to deal with yet another playlist-related YouTube bug. Once again, the bug seems to be affecting users of YouTube on desktop where the playlist automatically enters loop mode thus playing the same video over and over again.

I was watching a video in a playlist, and once it had finished, I used the Chromebook notification to skip to the next video. However, the video repeated (or looped) every time I pressed the “next video” button. The loop button was not on, so I was confused. I had to manually go onto the Youtube playlist to switch to the next video. It gets very repetitive, and annoying. This has happened multiple times with different videos, occasionally not on some videos in a playlist. It started a day or two ago.

I like to listen to albums on YouTube. For example, I will find a playlist for a full album by REM, and then I will put the playlist on loop. However, within the last week, I have noticed that it will get stuck on looping ONE SONG. I have to return to YouTube and click on the next video. Then it will get stuck on THAT song. Does anyone have any idea what is going on?

Affected users in their hundreds have been flocking various platforms to bring the YouTube bug to light. So far, the company has yet to acknowledge the issue, so it’s hard to know if and when a fix will be released.


The issue seems to be widespread on Google Chrome web browser, but users on other web browsers have also reported a similar issue. If anything, it should be a YouTube-related bug and not a web browser issue.

Rest assured we will be keeping tabs on this YouTube bug and update this post when the issue is addressed. To ensure you don’t miss out when this story is updated, check in to our Google and YouTube sections and stay tuned.

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