The Motorola Moto G series remains one of the best and most consistent budget lines of smartphones in major markets across the globe. The G series has been growing each year by adding new variants to the family, the latest attempt yielding a total of four variants.

It all got serious with the fourth-generation Moto G series that included three variants – a standard G4, a Plus variant, and a Play variant. The following year was a mixed bag as the company dropped the Play variant in favor of two releases in the same year crowned by the S models.

Moto G5s Plus became the first in the G series with a dual-lens camera

With the Moto G6 series, the Play variant made a return to the fold alongside the standard and Plus variants and early this year, the G7 series came to life with up to four variants namely Moto G7, Moto G7 Play, Moto G7 Plus, and Moto G7 Power.

Truth be told, the Moto G7 series has some great propositions, more so the top-tier Moto G7 Plus and the battery-centric Moto G7 Power. While the former is quite limited in terms of availability, the latter is widely available across North America, Europe, and Asia.

Motorola Moto G7 Power packs a massive 5000mAh battery

Unfortunately, none of these phones is perfect, something owners of the Moto G7 Power can attest to. The fan base has had to deal with long periods of Moto G7 Power Wi-Fi issues, dating all the way back to March 2019. That’s a long time ago in the tech space!

According to affected users, the Moto G7 Power keeps dropping Wi-Fi connection even when other devices connected to the same Wi-Fi hotspot are still enjoying strong internet connectivity. At times it says it’s connected to the router, but then there’s no actual internet connection.

Hello, I have had my G7 Power for one week. The first 3 days were without problem, however since the 4th day it has disconnected from my home wifi and keeps saying ‘check password and try again’. The password is correct, the router is fine as my husband is having no issues with his phone or laptop. I have read alot of people complaining about wifi conectivitiy issues with thier moto phones, is this easy to resolve or should I return ASAP?!

I have a lot of problems with wi-fi on this phone. Connection drops, or tells me I’m connected but many apps say no internet connection. Everything else connected to my router wirelessly works fine even when phone tells me the problems. I had the G4 before this and that was always ok. Very disappointed. I have tried all the various tests and resets that people have suggested but still have these problems.

To date, most Moto G7 Power users have received at least three software updates, the latest having brought August security patches. However, none of these updates have been able to address the annoying Moto G7 Power Wi-Fi issues.

Moto G7 Power August security update

Some users say Moto G7 Power Wi-Fi issues worsen if Bluetooth is enabled while others say switching from 2.4GHz to 5GHz Wi-Fi drastically improves the connection speed, unfortunately, this trick won’t work in markets where the G7 Power is limited to 2.4GHz Wi-Fi.

I noticed the thread about turning off Bluetooth and wifi working. I tried it and after turning off Bluetooth the 2.4ghz wifi works fine. I am going to start posting in the other thread.

Just purchased a G7 Power. I noticed when connected to wifi downloads were quite slow, worse than mobile data. Some things like my ring app seemed to time out. I was originally connected to my 2.4ghz wireless. I then tried to connect to my 5ghz wireless and the speed is way better. It works like it should. It seems the phone does not like the 2.4ghz wireless and prefers 5ghz. Please someone else verify this. I love the phone but this needs to be fixed asap as there are a lot of 2.4ghz wireless networks in use.

It’s likely that this Wi-Fi connectivity issue isn’t just limited to the Moto G7 Power as some Moto G7, Moto G7 Plus, and Moto G7 Play users are also reporting similar cases, but the latter’s is not as widespread as the former.

This is not limited to the g7 power i believe. it also happens on the g7 play. I have a mobile game that I love to play Clash Royale. It runs great on a solid mobile data connection. But anytime i try to play it on wifi 5 full bars sitting next to the router etc etc, it lags HORRIBLY, at least one second drop per match. My past 4 phones have played this game no problem. This has really burnt me on moto phones, WHERE IS THE FIX MOTOROLA?

I absolutely agree! I bought two g7 plus phones and have had nothing but issues with the WiFi being unresponsive! I bought the g7 because of my love for the g5 as it has been rock solid. But this issue with WiFi should have never made it past the beta stage of the phone release!

As others have said, this problem has been going on for MONTHS now. I have a G7 (not the power – just the regular G7) and it’s becoming a well known issue with it. I have had to hold back from throwing this thing against a wall multiple times. Imagine… your video doorbell rings or your security cameras tell you someone is walking around the house, but OH!.. you can’t check them because your G7 won’t connect correctly to them!

Apparently, someone found a workaround to these annoying Moto G7 Power Wi-Fi issues that not only involves turning off Bluetooth but also resetting Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings as well as manually adding APN settings from your carrier.

I fixed this problem on my phone today. I turned off Bluetooth location finding. I copied one phone onto another and had to completely reset the Wi-Fi mobile and Bluetooth settings that were copied from the old phone. And then add the APN settings for my cellular provider again and reboot the phone. Everything works perfectly now. I am in the US using the international version on mint cellular a T-Mobile mvno.

Temporary fix for Moto G7 series Wi-Fi issues (Source)

Considering how widespread the Moto G7 Power Wi-Fi issues are and the duration they’ve been around, Motorola could have done better by now. However, the Lenovo-owned company has yet to not only acknowledge that there is a grave issue to be fixed, but it hasn’t bothered to fix it either.

For how long affected Moto G7 series users will be ignored still remains unknown, but we hope that the next software update will fix this issue once and for all.

NOTE: For more Motorola-related stuff, you can route here. We also have a dedicated section for various bugs and issues affecting Android devices here.

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