Blackbeard may appear in One Piece chapter 955

As mentioned in several fan theories, Blackbeard may appear in Wano, attracting Marco’s attention and forcing him to join the war. But as I said in my previous article, this seem a little far fetched as of now, but not impossible. However, we might not see that happening anytime soon.

I believe Blackbeard’s next action will be to attack the Whole Cake Island.

Here’s why. Blackbeard, like any other aspirants, wants to be the next pirate king. To accomplish this, one has to reach Raftel and obtain the One Piece, the greatest treasure in the world. In Zuo arc we learned that the way to Raftel is through the road poneglyphs.

Unlike the historical and instructional poneglyphs, road poneglyphs detail a specific location. The combined locations detailed in the road poneglyphs points to where Raftel is. There are four road poneglyphs, and all are required to pinpoint the location of Raftel.

We saw one hidden in the Whale Tree in Zuo. Two other road poneglyphs are in the possession of Big Mom and Kaido each, while the last one’s location is currently unknown.

One Piece-kaido

Surely Blackbeard is also after those road poneglyphs. And we have a strong reason to believe that Blackbeard will take action soon. This is evident in chapter 925 of the manga, where we saw Blackbeard in Pirates’ Island Beehive. Moria attacked the island to retrieve Absalom, when Blackbeard invited him to join his crew.

Blackbeard told Moria that ‘the bloodbath between the powerful in the fight for the throne’ has already started. During this time, the news about Big Mom heading for Wano has just spread the world. I don’t think Blackbeard will just sit still while the other Emperors and the supernovas make huge moves.

This is where my theory comes in. There are three known locations of the road poneglyphs – Zuo, Whole Cake Island, and Onigashima in Wano. Blackbeard may or may not have an idea that one of the road poneglyph is in Zuo.


But even if he knew it was in Zuo, he would have a hard time locating it since Zuo sits on top of Zunesha, a giant elephant who always walks around the new world. He wouldn’t dare go to Wano knowing he would be at a disadvantage with the presence of Kaido, Big Mom and the supernovas.

That leaves him with one viable target – Whole Cake Island.

With Big Mom out of the picture and leaving Whole Cake Island still in the devastation caused by the Strawhats, Blackbeard and his forces have better chances at obtaining the road poneglyph in Big Mom’s territory.

This was portrayed in a fan-made manga going viral on YouTube. The fan-made manga flaunts a big fight between Katakuri and the Blackbeard Pirates.

The story however is incomplete, but I believe if this happens, than Blackbeard would succeed in obtaining the road poneglyph. If and when that happens, Blackbeard may proceed to hint Zuo, or wait for the war in Wano to come to its conclusion and go after the road poneglyph in Kaido’s possession.

More exciting events may follow, but we’ll have to wait for the story to progress to see how things will be. In the meantime, those looking for more One Piece-related stories may head here.

Image credits:Viz Media/ Funimation/ Onepiece.fandom
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