On Poco F1 (Pocophone F1) first anniversary, Poco exec says 'we are just getting started'

Xiaomi’s success stems from its ability to pump volumes of smartphones into the market at all price points. As if not enough, the company has been creating spin-offs (Redmi, POCO, and Black Shark) that feed off its resources to make some incredible devices at crazy cheap prices.

The story of the Black Shark gaming phones is just beginning to write itself while that of the Redmi sub-brand is well-known to every Xiaomi fan. The brand has recently gone ‘independent’ much like another more recent spin-off, POCO by Xiaomi.

Xiaomi Pocophone F1 (Poco F1)

Its been a year since the POCO by Xiaomi brand came to life. The Poco F1, otherwise known as Pocophone F1, was the first and still is the only device the company has released, which is something unusual coming from a small company with deep roots to Xiaomi.

With Xiaomi as the parent company, POCO was expected to go down the usual channel and start pumping value phones into the market. But it seems the company is actually independent after all and won’t be pumping numerous phones into the market, but for how long?

At this point, though, all that POCO fans want to know is if and when the company is lining up a successor to the OG model. This is what many who fell in love with the beast that is Poco F1 are yearning to know.


Typically, phones get successors after a year on the market, which is why there have been some stories about the Poco F2 in the recent past, the potential successor to the OG POCO. It first felt like the POCO brand was no more and then the Poco F1 was discontinued in the Philippines.

A little earlier, LineageOS removed the Poco F1 from the list of supported device, but at least this didn’t affect the Pocophone alone. But it was the launch of the Redmi K20 and Redmi K20 Pro that sparked more concerns about the potential demise of the POCO by Xiaomi brand.

The Redmi K20 Pro

With the Redmi K20 Pro, many thought Xiaomi had basically killed the Poco F2. Of course, this is unless the company was (is?) planning to slap a POCO logo on the K20 Pro and sell it as the F2. After all, it did this with the Mi 9T Pro, BTW, and yea, we wouldn’t be surprised coming from Xiaomi.

With all these uncertainties surrounding the Poco F2 and the POCO by Xiaomi brand in general, the company has a sent out a clear message to the doubting Thomases out there, stating that the company is, in fact, just getting started.

Hey POCO Fans, it has been exactly a year since we launched #POCOF1, the champion of speed. It has been an awesome 1 year. Here is a glimpse of this amazing year that has been for POCO. Lot of learnings and lot more to do!!

In a video message published on social media, General Manager of POCO India, Chandolu Manmohan, came out to pay tribute to the incredible year the Pocophone F1 has had since its launch on August 22, 2018, clearly stating that “we are just getting started.”

These might just be five words, but they mean a lot in the hearts of Pocophone fans, especially those who badly want to see the Poco F2. Amid all rumors and speculations of its potential closure, coming out to reiterate that the company is just getting started is a great move.


Towards the end of the video, Poco is keen to thank its fans and wants them to “keep it coming”, which perhaps opens doors for a successor to the F1. Sure, we can’t say when this Poco F2 will be unveiled, but at least we know POCO by Xiaomi has still got a lot more to do.

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