PUBG sound improvements coming later this year

Several players of the popular game PUBG often encounter various issues when playing the game. We’ve documented issues related to PS4 and Xbox players of the game & others related to PC gamers.

Some mobile PUBG gamers have also reported HD graphics and headphone audio issues. Specifically, owners of Asus ZenFone 5 and ZenFone Max Pro M1 were the most affected, but the bugs have since been addressed.


To make things even better for PUBG gamers, the developers of the game have announced a series of improvements scheduled to arrive across the board beginning this August. In a Dev Letter published on the official website, we now have an idea of what and when to expect these improvements.

One of the most important aspects of PUBG is the sound play. The various sound effects you may hear are an extremely important factor in gameplay, as they give you key information about your enemies and the environment. Over the next several months, we’ll be improving sound across the board in PUBG. Today, I would like to give you an update on those plans and what specific areas are going to be the focus in upcoming patches.

Having been around for about two years now, it was about time that PUBG received some sound improvements to match the many other improvements the game has received over the course. The team has identified six main areas that need some refreshed sound effects.

Upcoming PUBG sound improvements

Like many other software updates, the PUBG team will not include all of the above improvements in a single update. Instead, they’ve come up with an update timeline that will see the new features introduced gradually, beginning this month of August.

This month, the incoming update will bring two sound improvements namely instant volume reducer and volume adjustment guide features.

Instant volume reducer

Some PUBG sounds are usually louder than others, making it quite impossible to communicate with teammates. Sure, you can press CTRL+M to mute sound completely, but this takes away the thrill that comes with gaming sounds.

With the instant volume reducer feature, PUBG gamers will be able to temporarily and specifically reduce game sound volume by pressing the F7 button. This will uniformly reduce the volume of game sounds by a certain percentage and pressing F7 again returns the volume to a normal level.

Volume adjustment guide

As the name suggests, volume adjustment guide is a feature intended to provide PUBG gamers with a preview of how loud certain game sounds are beforehand by pressing the play button.


In order to help players prepare for different volumes of sounds, we’ve added a “volume adjustment guide” feature. This new feature allows you to listen to the loudest sounds in the game by pressing the play button. You can then adjust the overall volume to one that best suits your own preferances. For example, you may use it to listen to the sound effects of a nearby explosion or of loud gunfire. We hope this feature helps players better prepare for dramatic spikes in volume.

The PUBG team says the two features above will be released as part of the update to version 4.2, up from version 4.1 that came out early this month. The 4.2 update should come out before the end of August.

The image below has the full timeline of the PUBG sound improvements expected with every single update.

PUBG sound improvement roadmap 2019

As part of the long-term goals, PUBG gamers will also receive new sound effects that include improved gun firing sounds, improved vehicle sounds, improved indoor reverb sounds, improved character animation sounds, and improved overall sound volume rebalance.

We will keep an eye on these updates and let you know when the new features are available for download. Meanwhile, click here for more PUBG-related stories.

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