Pokemon Go update 0.149.0 adds Shadow Pokemon, New Appraisal Tool, Team GO Rocket Challenges & new search filters

Pokemon Go new update 0.149 is coming today, and it will be available for all the devices soon. If you can’t wait long enough, you can get the latest update from Apkmirror.

Pokemon Go update 0.149 notes

  • Trainers—we need your help! Team GO Rocket is invading the world of Pokémon GO!
  • New Challenges: Take on Team GO Rocket Grunts in battle!
  • Shadow Pokémon: Catch the mysterious Shadow Pokémon Team GO. Rocket Grunts leave behind! Is there a way to help these Pokémon?
  • New Appraisal Tool: You can now learn even more about your Pokémon when appraising them.
  • Battle Minigames: Charged Attack gameplay includes new minigames.

Pokemon Go update 0.149 is bringing a lot of new features to the game. The latest update has been released keeping in mind the upcoming Team Go Rocket invasion event. An image of Shadow Psyduck has been leaked by data miner Chrales on Reddit. Have a look at the image below.

Also, the game is getting a new appraisal system, take a look at the images and video below, demonstrating how the new appraisal system looks.

Video showing how the new appraisal system looks. from TheSilphRoad

Also, Pokemon with 100% IV has a red stamp on the Appraisal screen.

The star’s meaning on appraisal screen is briefed below.

0* stars : 0-48.9%

1* : 51.1 – 64.4%

2* : 66.7 – 80.0%

3* : 82.2 – 97.8%

4* : 100.0%

The new charge move mechanics have also been introduced in the latest Pokemon Go update 0.149.0

New Charged Attacks in PvP! from TheSilphRoad

Now Shadow and Purified search filters exist in the game, have a look at the image below. Shadow Pokemon costs more dust to power up, according to data miner Chrales, and the cost is expected to go down when Pokemon is purified.

Shadow and Purified search filters exist from TheSilphRoad

Also, PVP/PVE screen has been redesigned for the game; now the screen also shows CP of the Pokemon. Have a look below at the new PVP/PVE revamped screen.

There are also reports that the latest update 0.149.0 eliminates new Android fast catch. A Pokemon player has explained how the catch system is currently working for the game.

Also, this input is based on the initial results; we will update it as we find more relevant information regarding it.

1) If you are just shiny checking, the back button works the same: tap to spawn, “back” to run

2) If you threw a ball using the old fast catching method (holding the ball or the berry), once you throw the ball, you can still use the “back” button to flee.

3) If you’ve thrown the ball and the flee button is NOT visible, you can not use the “back” button to flee.

Also, you can search Pokemon by gender in the latest Pokemon Go update 0.149.0.

We will keep updating this article as we gather more information on the latest update.

Meanwhile, Pokemon Go July Community day is going to begin on July 21st from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM at your local time. The upcoming community day will feature a Water-type Pokemon Mudkip. Players will also receive 3-hour Lures and 3x Catch XP bonuses for the event.


As usual, Mudkip will spawn more frequently in the wild. Also, Armored Mewtwo is available for Raid in Pokemon Go until July 31, 2019.

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